This week on Big Brother 17, the worm turns on Audrey. Her paranoia and constant scheming and manipulating have gone on long enough and Clay, Vanessa and even Shelli can’t stand it anymore. Hopefully Audrey learns that telling someone you’re coming after the HoH before the PoV even happens is a bad idea.

In addition, we get some comedic relief from the Whackstreet Boys. But not even a hotter version of Johnny Mac can prevent the endless stream of anti-Audrey agony in this episode.

Everyone’s Tired of Audrey

Audrey tells James that she’s upset with Shelli about blaming her for nominating Jason (which Audrey actually did). She talks to him about how working to help a showmance is a bad idea and they should target Shelli and Clay next week. James doesn’t understand why she’s doing this, but he runs upstairs to tell Shelli and Clay about it to seal some trust with them.

Clay and Shelli are angry because Audrey is driving them crazy. Clay talks to Audrey and tries to calm her down, but she’s so damned paranoid that she asks him to swear on his life that Shelli won’t backdoor her. Meanwhile, Shelli vents to Vanessa about the Audrey drama. All of this boils down to Audrey being upset that Jason is coming after her, which is ridiculous because he’s NOT the HoH. She’s more worried about a hypothetical future instead of the actual present.

The Whackstreet Boys

As a punishment for losing the Battle of the Block and getting dethroned, Jason, John and Liz form a boy band called the Whackstreet Boys. Dressed all in white, they randomly must perform a little dance number. Johnny Mac thinks the penciled-on chin strap is working for him. I agree. Seriously, the rock star dentist is looking good.

Liz (or rather, Julia) seems OK with it. Jason tries to have ironic fun with it, but he clearly hates doing it and every word he says is dripping with sarcasm. Johnny Mac seems to be up for anything and has the most fun with the punishment.

The Power of Veto Competition

Vanessa, Meg and James get picked to play, which is great for Jason because both Meg and James would definitely save him.

The three people picked to play meet with Shelli to discuss the possibility of using the PoV to backdoor Audrey. Shelli is worried that it’s mob mentality, but Vanessa says it’s not because Audrey’s actions are making them turn on her. Shelli just doesn’t want to be the one to do it because she feels such a strong personal connection to Audrey. She cries a lot, agonizing over the decision. Shelli is a complete emotional wreck.

The competition has a Saved by the Bell theme for ’90s Week. Shelli is Kelly, Clay is Zach, Vanessa is Jessie while Steve, Jason, John and James are all Screeches. They must watch a video with a sequence of colors and then pick the right one for their chemistry experiment. If they’re wrong, it explodes and they’re out. It’s identical to the time bomb PoV from last season that Christine won.

James is out first. Shelli doesn’t want to win so she throws it and gets eliminated second. That girl loves winning HoHs and throwing PoVs. Meg is out third. And then John and Jason both get eliminated in the same round.

Vanessa wins the Power of Veto!

This week the Sixth Sense has all of the power and now Vanessa and Shelli can figure out what to do.

The Epic Audrey Fight

Clay is outside working out and Audrey shows up to talk about the game. He thinks she’s being ungrateful by even thinking that Shelli might backdoor her. She denies saying that, which he knows is a lie because he was there when she said it to him. Audrey thinks it’s so stupid because Clay is an a-hole.

Clay runs up to the HoH room with Shelli and Vanessa. Audrey follows and that’s when the fireworks start. Audrey whines about feeling betrayed. Shelli is offended that she won’t just sit down, shut up and be happy that her allies are in power instead of worrying about the other people coming after her. Audrey tries to turn it around against Clay and he screams that she’s a liar. They both get very fired up.

When Clay leaves, it’s Vanessa’s time to tag in. Audrey calls her a brilliant manipulator, bringing up the plot to backdoor Jeff. This enrages Vanessa, especially since Audrey keeps swearing on her life about things that aren’t true. Audrey is right about Vanessa, but she has so little credibility at this point that it doesn’t matter.

In the diary room, we see a brief clip of Audrey acknowledging that there’s nothing she can do and that she’s played a terrible game that got her to this point. I appreciate her honesty, if not her poor way of handling the rest of the week by just staying in bed and sulking.

At the Power of Veto ceremony, Audrey doesn’t even show up, staying in her Have-Not bed. Vanessa uses the Power of Veto to save Jason. Shelli nominates Audrey, even though she’s not even at the meeting.

Jason is happy that Audrey is finally on the block, but he feels badly for her because she’s not taking it well.

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