After the epic conclusion of the Turks and Caicos trip, The Real Housewives of New York City brought their drama back to the Big Apple. LuAnn and Heather squabbled over Heather’s aggressive antics on vacation, and Bethenny and Kristen fought over Kristen’s words about Bethenny in the press. Let’s see if they can resolve any of their problems in this episode, “Awfully Charitable,” before Kristen’s big charity event.

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Denim and Diamonds

Bethenny’s showing Carole around her apartment renovation. Carole thinks it looks great and is on the best block in the city. She catches Bethenny up on what happened after she left Kristen’s bedazzling party, telling her that the Countess is back and she made a dreadful fool of herself. Bethenny’s down the middle on this one. She says if she woke up with a naked man so close to her, she’d be alarmed too, but she probably wouldn’t have busted in LuAnn or Ramona’s room while they were still sleeping either.

At Kristen’s charity event, all of the ladies show up in their best denim and diamonds to support Smile Train. Heather’s selling her Yummie jeans there as well and 100% of the proceeds are being donated.

Dorinda pulls Heather aside to talk. She says she’s sorry, but she doesn’t really understand where all of this conflict is coming from. Heather says that she senses a lot of anger coming from Dorinda and she too is confused as to its origin. Dorinda does offer up a sincere apology but is annoyed with the arrogant manner in which Heather accepts it. So I’m not so sure how long this friendship is fixed for, even though they both agree to move forward.

While Kristen is making her toast, Ramona is parading around the room insulted because Heather’s brand and name are everywhere and hers isn’t, even though she donated jewelry to adorn the jeans. She says it’s a slap against sisterhood that Kristen wouldn’t put her brand name out there. When she asks Heather about it, Heather tells Ramona to buzz off. She doesn’t want to even give it any air, but the fact that Ramona is comparing a few donated necklaces to all of the denim she’s donated is not only insulting, but it makes Ramona look opportunistic and uncharitable.

Carole tries to chime in to defend Heather, but Ramona tells her to stop being Heather’s mouthpiece. In her confessional, Ramona says that Heather controls Kristen and Carole like a puppet master.

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Calling All Coffee Psychics

Carole wants to check out a coffee grind reader in Queens to get a more psychic read on things. She drags Dorinda and Heather along with her. After drinking muddy coffee, the psychic tells Carole that a person who has passed away is coming back into her present. She also mentions a Jeep with a scratch on it, which Carole confirms is a very personal piece of information to her because she and her late husband fought about the time she scratched the Jeep coming out of the driveway. She gets emotional but feels better about her decision to go to London to get his urn.

The psychic then gets to Heather and tells her not to feel nervous about her son Jax’s operation. She says to take the advice of the specialist and not worry because it’s all going to be fine. Heather feels a sense of relief with this reading, saying she could use all of the positive vibes she can get for when Jax needs to have both eardrums reconstructed.

Dorinda’s reading is a little more bizarre. First, the psychic tells her that her heart is torn between three people, but the fact that they don’t get along is their fault not hers. Then she says a floating balloon was sent by her late husband. Dorinda says that was another piece of personal information that no one could have ever known, but she feels better knowing her late husband sent that balloon to say goodbye.

Bethenny talks about some of her issues with her therapist, Dr. Amador. He tells her that maybe sometimes she’s arrogant and that she masks it as confidence, which seems like a pretty apt observation. Bethenny tells him that she’s confident about her business and about her new apartment. She’s also enjoying hanging out with these women because they all have flaws, but they can laugh and have fun.

Carole’s preparing to throw a dinner party at her apartment with help from her boyfriend, and chef, Adam. She says she feels comfortable around him because he’s nurturing, he never lets her go hungry and he’s cute. She seems hesitant to put a label on things, but she’s excited about her relationship with him.

Later, Adam cooks dinner for Heather, Jonathan, Kristen and Carole. Carole is hesitant to bring Adam around the ladies, but she’s so close to Heather and Kristen that she wants them to get to know him better. Heather and Kristen are very happy for Carole and they think they’re sweet together. They wish her luck on her trip to London, but they worry about how Dorinda will handle it. Heather thinks that Dorinda is still grieving the loss of her husband since it was much more recent than Carole’s loss.

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Still Grieving

The next day, Dorinda and Carole wait for their plane to London at the airport lounge. Carole is thankful to have Dorinda with her since she hasn’t met a lot of women her age who are also widows. But Dorinda is nervous about her trip to London since she spent a lot of time with Richard there while he was alive.

The two exchange stories about their late husbands. Carole talks about dropping his ashes off in London a year after his death and now she’s going back to get them. She talks about their time together, how they met and enjoying life with him until his last day.

Dorinda talks about feeling like a fraud in Richard’s world after he died. She says that she had to cut a lot of people off to emotionally survive and now she feels like it’s time to go back. They both express how nice it is to have someone with them while they go through this. Carole says she’s happy to talk about Anthony, but she understands that things are still so very emotional for Dorinda.

Next time, while Carole and Dorinda grieve in London, Ramona and Sonja play in the Big Apple.

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