It’s hard to believe that it is the 10th anniversary of So You Think You Can Dance! I could go on for hours and hours about the amazing routines, the talented competitors, the rotating seats at the judges’ table and Cat Deeley’s fabulous wardrobe. In the end, I think it is the incredible talent that keeps us watching year after year.

In honor of So You Think You Can Dance‘s 10th anniversary, let’s break down the 10 best moments of the anniversary special’s victory lap. Are you ready, dance fans?

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The Opening Routine

The opening contemporary routine, choreographed by Travis Wall, features the All-Stars. It is absolutely gorgeous with its amazing lifts. What a great way to open the show!

Nigel Lythgoe’s Favorite Dance

Nigel chooses his favorite routine, choreographed by Mia Michaels, from the second season. The routine, known as “The Bench,” is performed live by Travis Wall and All-Star Kathryn. It is simply stunning and unforgettable.

Current Dancers from Team Stage and Team Street Show off Their Moves

Current competitors briefly perform in their style.

Jason Derulo’s Favorite Dance

This hip-hop routine, “Run the World,” was choreographed by NappyTabs. This girl-power routine is performed live by All-Stars Jasmine and Comfort. It is also noteworthy as one of First Lady Michelle Obama’s favorite pieces. It blows my mind how they can dance while on bikes.

A Look at Dancers Who Got their Start on the Show…

Several dancers from So You Think You Can Dance have had roles on television, including All-Star Dmitry on Bones and All-Star Courtney on Hit the Floor. Meanwhile, All-Stars Melanie and Alex had roles on Broadway. tWitch (Team Street’s captain) and All-Star Kent both hit the silver screen, while other dancers such as All-Stars Comfort, Jasmine and Mark are back-up dancers for the biggest names in music. Not too shabby!

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…And Some Other Acts That Were Launched by the Show

A little lady named Lady Gaga had her first television appearance on So You Think You Can Dance, as did Katy Perry and OneRepublic. Christina Perri got her big break when Stacey Tookey used her song “Jar of Hearts” for a routine.

Paula Abdul‘s Favorite Dance
Paula picks an Emmy-winning routine from season 3 called “The Flower and the Hummingbird,” which was choreographed by Wade Robson. It is performed live by dancers Jamie and Hok, and it’s magical. The dancers’ fluttering arm movements are fantastic.

Cat Deeley’s Favorite Dance

Cat’s pick is from season 10, which introduced us to K-Pop. It features All-Stars Mark and Jenna, and co-stars Jenna’s braided ponytail, which is used to fuel some of the movement in the piece. This number is wildly weird, and I love it.

Favorite Stage Routine of All Time

All-Stars Robert and Allison perform a contemporary Travis Wall piece from season 7.  It is emotional, dramatic and lovely.

Favorite Street Routine of All Time

The season 7 routine “Outta Your Mind” won the fan favorite poll, and it is clear why. tWitch and All-Star Alex hit the stage to perform it live, and I am thrilled because it is definitely my favorite routine from the show and is just pure entertainment and fun. And who wouldn’t want tWitch at a party?

So You Think You Can Dance airs Mondays at 8pm on FOX.

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