As a whole, Big Brother 17 was less disappointing than Big Brother 16. You could even categorize it as fun and enjoyable at times. The Final 3 of Big Brother 17 though, that’s a whole different story. It wasn’t as cut and dry as Season 16 as there was no one but Derrick who deserved that year. In terms of likability, it was a pretty weak Final 3, at least for me. Yet, of these remaining players, did the person who should’ve won actually walk home with the final prize?

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Clearly spoilers follow for the season finale of Big Brother 17!

While Vanessa was far from my favorite, it’s hard to argue there was a player more deserving to win. Not only in the Final 3 but Vanessa stood a chance over nearly every member of the jury. Once Steve evicted her, I was much less certain who the winner could or should be. Between Steve and Liz, it was a toss-up with positives and negatives, (mostly the latter), for each of them. Yet, ultimately justice, (well, reality show justice), was served with Steve winning. 

Who Sucked the Least?

The Final 2 of Big Brother 17 was a tale of who was the least disappointing. I don’t think Steve will go down in history as one of the best Big Brother players in history. He’ll be one of those winners who won by default. Not that it really matters at the end of the day that he is half a million dollars richer. Steve did have a considerable edge over Liz. Although that’s not saying much for the value of his or Liz’s game. Considering how many people cuddled in it all season, I’d say the Head of Household bed had more game than Liz. 

Liz wasn’t a bad player, but for the majority of Big Brother 17, it was Vanessa’s game. Vanessa played a sloppy, erratic, salty-teared filled game but she played it and she played it hard. Despite Steve’s surprisingly strong closing arguments, he really did float in the game. He tried to make some moves in the latter part of the game, but that’s not enough to say he was “playing” the entire time. When Steve did start to do something, the house was so small at that point that any move was a big move. As for Liz, I’m pretty sure she had to be reminded of the game rules every week. 

Steve Played A Game, Liz Didn’t

The reason that Steve is more deserving than Liz is very simple. He was way more experienced in Big Brother. Steve was a superfan who applied. Liz was recruited off the internet. Steve had a plan going in. It wasn’t a great plan, but the fact he had one separates him from Liz. Liz won competitions for sure, but her primary strategy seemed to be not putting up her sister or Austin. This is where Liz’s “keen” strategic mind began and ended. “Don’t purposely alienate or get rid of the people I like.” Liz played the game in the moment, not really thinking beyond. While Steve played a very passive game, no one can argue that Steve didn’t think through his moves.

In a way, the greatest reason Steve is deserved to win is exactly why he was so boring to watch. Steve was a constant thinker. He spent the entire summer looking like was about to throw up. He would consider making a move, quickly back off seeing the risks and then reconsider making a move. Wash, fret, rinse and repeat at ad neurotic nauseam. 

As annoying and second-hand stressful as it was to see Steve grow a stomach ulcer with every decision, Liz was somehow worse. Liz did win a fair number of competitions. She managed to stay in the game till the end while being in a showmance and having her twin alongside her. Still, I would say that Liz’s most impressive feat, other than being able to stomach Austin’s bigfoot-esque hands on her, was her ability to add never-ending syllables to the end of any word. Liz never said “I know,” she said “I knoooooooooowwwwwwwwww.”

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All jokes aside, I never saw Liz make an original move in the game. She would confer with her alliance members and they would determine her choices in the game. Nothing further demonstrated Liz’s lack of identity in Big Brother than her actions following Austin’s eviction. Liz should have become independent and strong, but instead she clung desperately to Vanessa because she had “no one else.” (They’re were four people left at that point, do something for yourself!)

Not only did she not stand on her own two feet, she backed Vanessa. Vanessa, who had the worst track record of keeping her word, had just sent Liz’s two biggest allies packing. Liz was the Big Brother equivalent of a sucker fish. Liz would find, (or more accurately stumble into), someone who could protect her and then cling to them for dear life. She helped the big, badder person she was leeching off of, but she was a leech nonetheless. If Liz had behaved differently after Austin’s exit, maybe I’d feel different about her and her game play but that didn’t happen. Instead, it confirmed my worst suspicions about Liz. She had no idea how to play the game on her own. 

Vanessa Should’ve Won

Steve played a safe and boring game but at least he had a plan. Steve playing a mudane game is better than Liz playing none. Yet when it comes to Steve and Liz, neither of them really deserved to win. Sure, Steve deserved to win over Liz but this was Vanessa’s game to lose. She lost and that’s the end of it but there was no one in the Final 3 more deserving to win than Vanessa.

But what do you think? Was Steve the strongest member of the Final 3? Did you think Liz actually played a good game? Is there anyone in the jury who could’ve beat Vanessa? Do you even think Vanessa would’ve won if she made it the end?

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