Big Brother 16 will be keep track of the houseguests like never before starting tonight. CBS announced that the show will add new Fitbit Flex wireless activity trackers to monitor the HGs even more.

The monitoring bracelets keep track of information like weight, calories, how many steps they take and how much they move. Live feed viewers saw the HGs get these new trackers Wednesday evening. Not only can viewers keep track of the HGs, but the data collected will be used to dole out future rewards and punishments.

This could be interesting. Will the more active HGs be rewarded, or will they be penalized by being made Have-Nots to try and equalize the playing field? That would bear a striking resemblance to the Kurt Vonnegut short story Harrison Bergeron, in which, to make all citizens equal, handicaps are given out, such as masks to make beautiful people less attractive or earphones with constant noise to make smarter people less able to concentrate.

The new trackers will be introduced in Thursday’s show, which is already filled with drama, an eviction vote and a new HoH competition.

I’ll be curious to see if this changes the way the HGs behave. Most notably, Zach has been spending most of his time sleeping (sometimes 12 hours a day), which will either be very good or very bad depending on how the show uses the information.

The new fitness tracker also includes (somewhat embarrassingly) the HGs’ starting weight in the house. Devin, at 239 pounds, is unsurprisingly the biggest guy, and he’s more than 50 pounds heavier than everyone else. Frankie, at 138, is the smallest guy (one pound lighter than the first evicted HG, Joey). All of the women left are 130 pounds or less, with Paola the tiniest at just 97 pounds.

What do you think of Big Brother 16 monitoring the physical activity of the HGs? You can follow  their progress HERE.

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