It’s been a volatile few days in the Big Brother 16 house and now there’s another Power of Veto in play. It’s been used six out of seven times, and Donny has already won three of them.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 16 spoilers.

Christine and Nicole won the HoH competition. Christine nominated Donny and Zach, Nicole nominated Caleb and Frankie. Frankie and Caleb (well, just Frankie) won the Battle of the Block and Nicole was dethroned. Caleb, Derrick and Nicole were picked to play in the PoV.

Zach won the Power of Veto!

Zach Attack! He went from totally defeated to upbeat and now he has safety. It was an Otev competition, with the HGs running around and collecting names of HGs. Zach is so happy he’s even talking to Frankie again, who is already trying to rebuild the Zankie relationship. Will Zach fall for it again or will he play Frankie this time? At least for now, their bipolar, unhealthy relationship is back.

Frankie is acting like this was all part of his plan, but Zach says he doesn’t trust him 100 percent now because Frankie tried to get him out last week. Frankie tried to claim that he’s the reason Zach eventually didn’t go, but Zach doesn’t believe him. I assume things will eventually calm down and then we can see where Zach’s head is at.

They followed that up with a more in-depth conversation where they basically mended fences and declared that the Bomb Squad is back together again with the Detonators plus Caleb (but Zach still hates Christine). Like always, Zach told Frankie EVERYTHING about the past two days, including the fact that he told Nicole everything about his game and that Derrick and Cody were in on the plan to get Frankie out.

Later, Zach proceeded with his new strategy of telling everyone everything that has happened in his game, from the Detonators to LTA to his Final 2 with Frankie to his hatred of Christine. Victoria pushed him not to trust Frankie after Zach told her about how Frankie tried to make up with him. It seems Zach is still loyal to LTA above all else.

Obviously he will save himself, and now comes the hard part. Christine has said she will nominate Victoria, but will she? Could she try to make a bigger move? Whatever she does, odds are Derrick will rally the troops to evict Donny and keep Victoria, so perhaps she’ll try to make a bigger move. But Christine only has four options: Nicole, Victoria, Cody or Derrick. One of them will be going up against Donny.

The funny part is that, for the second week in a row, Christine has desperately wanted to evict Zach and failed miserably.

The Have-Nots

Christine got to pick two Have-Nots for the week and she chose Donny and Zach, aka the two people she nominated and who are on the block. Smart, but mean, though she used the excuse that they have done it the least. They also have “Peanut Butter and Jellyfish” to eat, meaning peanut butter plus fish sticks and fish filets, so it’s pretty good. This is Zach’s second week as a Have-Not and the first for Donny. Now every remaining HG has been a Have-Not at least once, while Jocasta and Paola are the only HGs of the season who were never Have-Nots.

Being Have-Nots and on the block together has given Donny and Zach a chance to bond, both lamenting that they’re on the bottom and they don’t really have anyone or anything in the game. It’s kind of sad to watch them come together over Frankie’s fakeness, though Donny also used the opportunity to inch Zach towards turning on his LTA buddies, Derrick and Cody.

The Grande Effect

A lot has gone down in the past 24 hours. There was a plan to have Caleb throw the Battle of the Block to keep Nicole as HoH and evict Frankie, but it backfired because the competition was designed so that Frankie could do it all by himself and still managed to beat Donny and Zach.

Since then, Derrick, Caleb and Cody have scrambled to cover up the plot, pinning all of the blame on Zach and Nicole. Of course, all three of them knew about it and Derrick was actually the one who first told Nicole about the idea.

Then all hell broke loose as Zach called Frankie out for all of his lies. Frankie admitted to it, but then used the opportunity to tell everyone that his sister is Ariana Grande, he’s a huge YouTube star and he’s playing for a charity to build schools in Africa. This initially made several people in awe of him because it was cool, but Derrick led the charge against Frankie. He pointed out that Frankie’s confession was a game move, like Dan’s funeral, and that he tried to earn sympathy.

Derrick appears to have swayed almost everyone, including Victoria (who is a huge Ariana Grande fan), against Frankie. They all agreed that it’s not fair that they believe he’s going to win America’s Favorite just because of his sister (like Elissa Slater last year) and that he’s using the charity thing to manipulate people’s sympathies. That may or may not be working on Nicole, who initially said that she regretted nominating Frankie because his sister’s fans will be angry at her and that she would feel bad voting against him because it’s like she’s voting against charity. But she has since backed away from those comments.

In the house, it appears that several HGs, especially Derrick, are feeding Frankie’s ego just to distract him and get him on their side in case he wins, but they still want him out. The live feeds have become rather insufferable with Frankie talking about the famous people he’s met (Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus) and about how many followers and fans he has, adding that he doesn’t want to ride his sister’s coattails. He’s also said that Zach is probably just depressed because he knows America will hate him for coming after Frankie. He’s become more self-centered than Caleb ever was, boasting about how he’s “famous” and “super-talented.”

The game dynamics are all screwed up. Frankie and Christine still seem to be the main targets for a lot of the house while Derrick and Cody are hoping to be in the Final 4 with Caleb and Victoria. Of course, Derrick is also keeping everyone else on the hook, using Team America to sway Frankie.

Frankie has now reversed his position on Donny, saying it would look bad to vote him out (but that could be because Christine and Frankie want Zach gone this week since they know he’s coming after them). However, Derrick is pushing him hard to cut Donny because Donny refused the mission and isn’t really playing for Team America. At the same time, Derrick is just using this as a tactic, because he appears to have no real loyalty to Frankie or Donny and they are among his top targets.

As well they should be, because early on Saturday, another interesting development involved Donny telling Nicole that Derrick is the real mastermind of the season and that he has made deals with everyone. Kudos to Donny for finally pointing this out, but Derrick seems to have a sixth sense about when he’s in danger because he’s already trying to rally the house (meaning Cody, Victoria and Caleb) to take out Donny this week. That could also be because he knows Zach is now 100 percent committed to Los Tres Amigos and will help keep Derrick and Cody safe while going after Christine and Frankie.

This house has completely changed it’s mind about a dozen times in the last week, so nothing is ever set in stone. Just when it looks like everyone is turning on each other, competitions come into play and everything reverts to its original settings.


-Caleb and Zach have both played in 6 of the 8 PoV competitions.

-Frankie has only played in 1 PoV competition, when he was HoH.

-Zach has played in 14 total HoH and PoV comps out of 16, the most of anyone in the house.

-Zach, Christine, Donny and Devin are the only HGs this season to win an HoH and a PoV.

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