It’s been a long time since there was a Team America mission on Big Brother 16, especially since they declined the last one. During the double eviction episode, viewers got to choose between asking them to form side alliances with the people they trust the least or convince someone to volunteer as a pawn and then evict them.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 16 spoilers.

Frankie learned that the mission is that all three members of Team America must be involved in convincing an HG to volunteer to be a pawn, and then they must all vote that person out. However, if the pawn they choose wins the Battle of the Block, they automatically lose the mission.

Frankie and Derrick basically decided that it’s impossible, especially since Frankie believes the new HoHs Nicole and Christine had already chosen their nominees: Zach, Caleb, Victoria and Donny. Indeed, they had made those picks (Christine told Frankie), though that has all gone out the window.

When Frankie informed Donny, his first thought was to try and see if they could maybe convince Caleb to offer himself as a pawn. Frankie was pretty noncommittal, so it seems odd that this week, Donny is the most eager to try this mission (probably because he knows it would ensure that Frankie and Derrick would not vote him out).

But then a gift dropped into Derrick’s lap. Nicole and Christine are this week’s HoHs. Frankie told them that they should nominate Derrick, Cody, Zach and Caleb. Nicole then shared this with Zach, who proceeded to tell all of the other guys (Derrick, Cody, Caleb and Donny) in an effort to turn the entire house against Frankie. Sorry, Zankie fans, but Zach HATES Frankie right now and blames him entirely for the attempted plot to evict him last week.

Zach then suggested the brilliant idea of having Nicole nominate himself and Frankie, with Zach throwing the Battle of the Block to ensure that Frankie gets evicted. And if Frankie wins, Nicole would hopefully backdoor Christine (and she said she would, because she’d rather be evicted than ever work with Frankie and Christine). Derrick took this information straight to Nicole to convince her to do it.

The worry is that Christine wants to nominate Zach. So then Caleb came up and he offered himself in Zach’s place to be nominated with Frankie and throw the BotB. The tentative plan is for Nicole to nominate Caleb and Frankie, but she won’t tell Christine that she’s putting Frankie up.

After this went down and Derrick talked to Frankie, he said that the mission is impossible, so it sounds like Caleb volunteering isn’t actually a part of the mission. Instead, it seems Derrick has truly flipped on Frankie and is on board with getting rid of him.

Thursday night was definitely insane and it’s hard to figure out what’s going on. The HGs have finally started to catch on that this season is dirty, with so many lies being thrown around. Last week’s antics are finally catching up to everyone as Nicole and Zach have tried to piece together what exactly happened and who they can trust. Almost all of the blame seems to have fallen on Christine and Frankie while Derrick somehow comes out smelling like a rose.

Now Zach hates Frankie with a fiery passion and is hard at work turning everyone against him. He tried to form a solid alliance with Nicole, but immediately told his boys everything she said. It seems like Zach’s true loyalties are still to Los Tres Amigos.

Will this even qualify for the Team America mission since none of them seemed to have a hand in getting Caleb to volunteer as a pawn? He just did it himself and the only person who really convinced him it was a good idea was Zach. Yet again, Zach is doing all of Team America’s work for them.

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