The Big Brother 16 game really started to begin last week. All of the deals, alliances, flip-flops and scheming led to an intense double eviction that found Jocasta and Hayden becoming the first members of the jury. It looked like the Bomb Squad was back in control. But a lot can happen in 24 hours.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 16 spoilers.

Christine and Nicole are the new HoHs.

HoH Christine nominated Donny and Zach.

HoH Nicole nominated Caleb and Frankie.

That’s right, for the first time this season, four men have been nominated. It’s also the first time Frankie has ever been put on the block. And Donny is now only the 15th HG in the history of the show to get nominated five times. This means Derrick and Cody remain the only HGs to never be nominated and the only ones who’ve never played in a BotB competition.

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Christine thought she was working with Nicole, but Nicole went a different route and waited until the very last minute to tell Christine about putting up Frankie.

This all stems from a master plan conceived by Zach, of all people, that involves Caleb throwing yet another Battle of the Block competition, this time to ensure that Frankie gets evicted. After learning about everything that happened last week, all of the blame has fallen on Christine and Frankie. Zach has turned on his former BFF Frankie in a major way and has rallied everyone else to go after him.

The inciting incident from Thursday after the HoH competition was when Frankie told Nicole and Christine that the three of them should align with Donny and Victoria and nominate the other four men. Frankie had picked up that the Detonators were all turning on him because of last week, so he tried to make a preemptive move.

What he didn’t count on was Nicole telling Zach about this in a long conversation where Zach detailed every deal and alliance he’s made this season. Nicole doesn’t trust Christine or Frankie at all, and this news made Zach turn on him too. Zach told the other four guys in the house (Caleb, Cody, Derrick and Donny) before hatching a plan to be nominated with Frankie, then throw the BotB.

Derrick took this info and ran to Nicole so he could be the first person to tell her about this plan. However, when they learned that Christine wanted to nominate Zach, Caleb offered himself up as a pawn to throw the competition. The second part of the deal is that, if Frankie wins the Power of Veto, Nicole would backdoor her co-HoH, Christine.

However, there’s also the new Team America mission, which is to have someone volunteer as a pawn, then vote them out. However, Derrick appeared to be the only person involved in getting Caleb to volunteer (and he didn’t even do that, Caleb did it himself after Zach came up with the idea), so I’m not sure this would even count.

It’s a long week and a lot could change, but things are looking good for Donny and Zach (aka America’s two favorite HGs) as they should win the Battle of the Block and be guaranteed safety this week.

Will the master plan work with Frankie being evicted? Will he save himself and force Nicole to backdoor Christine? Or will they somehow rally the Detonators once again to take out Caleb instead? This week went from boring to fascinating very quickly.

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