There are two live TV events that I look forward to every year: the Emmy Awards and the double eviction episodes of Big Brother. It’s like Christmas in the summer, full of nonstop action, edge-of-your-seat excitement and shocking blindsides.

Big Brother 16 promises to deliver one of the most interesting DEs ever. The last 24 hours inside the house have been extremely dramatic, with a last-minute change of heart from two HGs that will have severe ramifications in the upcoming hour. That switch has led to this double eviction being do-or-die for two HGs in particular. This could be worse than when Judd got blindsided by his allies last season.

BUT FIRST…this is Big Brother 16!

Julie Chen promises us “an evening of surprises” that will shake up the house. I hope she’s not just referring to what happened in the game. She adds that the jury begins tonight, so there will be nine members like last time.

All About Zach

Before getting to the double eviction, we catch up on what’s been going on since the PoV ceremony. Jocasta may be nominated, but it’s all about whether to save Zach or evict him.

Derrick and Cody are on board to vote out Zach, but they wait to tell Caleb and Frankie. Frankie starts to sense that something is up, especially since he knows Zach has a three-person alliance with Cody and Derrick. He wants to know if Derrick is more committed to Los Tres Amigos or Team America.

Frankie and Derrick talk. Frankie says he knows about LTA and that prompts Derrick to point out that Zach is telling different things to everyone in the Detonators. Derrick pushes Frankie to turn on Zach this week, and Frankie goes along with it because he sees that there’s nothing he can do to save Zach, even though he loves him.

Derrick tells Caleb that they’re voting out Zach, but Caleb thinks they need him as a number. Caleb is so simple and trusting that he’s the only one unwilling to flip on Zach, but will do it if the rest of the Bomb Squad decides that’s best. However, Caleb makes Derrick start to think that keeping Zach is what they should do. So Derrick and Cody decide to tell Frankie and Christine about everything they’ve done with Hayden and Nicole this week because they think they’re being played.

This all went down Wednesday night, with Cody telling Christine and then Frankie that Haycole are playing them, including the info that they wanted to backdoor Frankie. Just like that, the Rationale is dead and the Detonators are alive again. And all of this happened while Zach was sleeping.

The First Vote

Julie tells the HGs that it’s a double eviction and the two HoH twist is over, but only for the next hour. She also tells them about the jury and that being out of the house doesn’t mean you’re out of the game.

Jocasta praises God and does a million shout-outs again. Zach recites his poem about loving all the HGs which he’s been repeating all week on the live feeds.

Donny votes to evict…Zach
Caleb votes to evict…Jocasta
Christine votes to evict…Jocasta
Derrick votes to evict…Jocasta
Cody votes to evict…Jocasta
Hayden votes to evict…Zach
Frankie votes to evict…Jocasta
Victoria votes to evict…Jocasta

Jocasta is evicted 6-2!

The Bomb Squad wins, Haycole and Donny are blindsided and the war is on. Jocasta says she knew this was coming. Julie asks what her strategy was, and she said it was just to play a social game and not lie because her mom told her not to. Julie says she might get a chance to get back into the game. So that’s DEFINITELY happening like last season.

The HoH Competition

At this point, we all know that if Donny or Hayden don’t win, they (or Nicole) will be nominated and one of those three will be evicted. It’s a quiz with math questions, and the HGs must say More, Less or Exactly. If they’re wrong, they’re out.

Question 1: Everyone except Caleb, Christine and Zach is out. UGH, they know it doesn’t matter now.

Question 2: Zach is out. I assume he lost on purpose.

Question 3: They’re both right.

Question 4: Christine is out.

Caleb is the new HoH!

Well, goodbye Hayden, Donny or Nicole. And now the Bomb Squad is moving forward with six out of nine HGs. They all know this, and Zach even lays on the couch asking for them to wake him up when the DE is over.

The Nominations

Caleb nominates Donny and Hayden. Yawn. He basically admits that the Bomb Squad is working together. It really doesn’t matter at this point.

Team America Mission

Team America is technically still alive. The choices are:

-Work together to make someone volunteer as a pawn, then vote them out

-Form side alliances with the people they trust the least

It doesn’t really matter at this point. We all know Team America is a joke.

The Power of Veto

Caleb, Hayden and Donny are joined by Zach, Victoria and Christine in the PoV competition. It’s the classic competition of digging through a ball pit to find three rubber ducks and bringing them back one at a time, then get the PoV symbol.

Zach finds two and Donny gets one before anyone else gets one. Then Hayden, Christine and Caleb get one. Donny and Caleb get a second. Victoria finally gets one.

Donny gets his third duck, then gets his PoV.

Donny wins the Power of Veto!

Wow, the old man beat all of the young kids and he gets his THIRD PoV win. Fear the Beard! But now it just means Nicole is going on the block next to Hayden.

Donny uses the PoV to save himself. Nicole is the replacement nominee.

It’s official, Haycole is about to be broken up. Caleb callously tells her to sit next to her boyfriend. This is just terrible. The outsiders get power for one week, try to make a big move, and it backfires, with all three of them on the block the next week.

The Second Vote

This is so depressing. Hayden and Nicole are so sad and everyone in the Bomb Squad is so chill and relaxed. It’s like they’ve already won and getting rid of the remaining outsiders is merely a formality.

Hayden throws Frankie and Christine under the bus and isn’t sure who else lied, but just says that he or Nicole will probably fight against them. Nicole says people are playing dirty and also throws Christine and Frankie under the bus. How did Derrick and Cody avoid the blame?

Cody votes to evict…Nicole
Christine votes to evict…Hayden
Derrick votes to evict…Hayden
Donny votes to evict…Nicole
Frankie votes to evict…Hayden
Zach votes to evict…Hayden
Victoria votes to evict…Hayden

Hayden is evicted 5-2!

Wow, I’m confused why Cody didn’t get the memo. After the eviction, Nicole asks Christine if this was the plan the whole time.

Hayden says it was a total blindside. He isn’t sure who knew about it early and who just found out about it. He still seems to put all of the blame on Frankie and Christine. Julie compares Haycole to Jeff and Jordan. He’s not sure if there’s a future in that relationship because he’s not down with getting married.

It’s official, the two HoHs will continue this week with the four nominees and the Battle of the Block.

The live feeds should be chaotic tonight as Nicole and Donny put the pieces together, though they will most likely be met with a Chinese Wall of silence from the Bomb Squad. And I assume the HoH competition will be played later tonight.

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