What should be an easy week on Big Brother 16 is turning into a complex web of lies, deals, manipulations and treachery. The Bomb Squad being exposed has blown everyone’s games up, adding plenty of drama.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 16 spoilers.

HoH Nicole nominated Amber and Donny. HoH Derrick nominated Caleb and Jocasta.

Amber and Donny won the Battle of the Block!

That was expected, especially since Caleb agreed to be nominated and throw the competition in order to save Amber. Caleb claimed it was his decision, but really, Derrick came up with the idea and subtly implanted it into Caleb’s head. Yes, Caleb is that easy to manipulate, especially when it comes to protecting his “queen.”

As a punishment for being dethroned, Nicole is now wearing a frog costume.

bb16frog.pngNow Derrick is the permanent HoH and Caleb and Jocasta are the nominees. The plan is to backdoor Devin. If Derrick or Caleb win the Power of Veto, Caleb will be saved and Devin will go up. If Jocasta wins it, she’ll save herself and Devin will go up. The rest depends on who else gets picked to play.

Though the general consensus is that most people would save one of the nominees in order to let Derrick backdoor Devin, that’s not true for everyone. Hayden has told Nicole that he would not use it, instead hoping to evict Caleb this week. Cody is also considering the idea of evicting Caleb this week. That’s a very real possibility and would mean that, two weeks in a row, someone would throw the Battle of the Block and then get evicted.

Sub-Alliance Tracker

Things in the house are maddening ever since the Bomb Squad exploded. On Monday, Zach told Hayden and Christine told Nicole. Then on Tuesday, Devin told Donny, Jocasta, Brittany and Nicole (though she already knew), and Victoria found out too, meaning every single person in the house knows all about the alliance.

While some people in the Bomb Squad are more honest about it to the non-members, Derrick’s fatal flaw is his belief that they don’t actually know everything, so his plan is to repeatedly deny that it was a real alliance. The problem is that everyone he says this too knows he’s lying, especially Nicole.

Everyone in the house seems to talk to everyone else, making it impossible to figure out who’s being genuine. Here’s what I can gather are a few of the many deals floating around:

Derrick, Frankie and Donny are on Team America, but Derrick is throwing Donny under the bus behind closed doors.

-Derrick has a Final 3 deal with Zach and Cody, but Frankie, Christine, Nicole and Hayden all know about it.

-Derrick tried to make a Final 2 deal with Nicole, but she told Hayden about it.

-Zach has a Final 2 deal with Frankie, but Christine, Nicole and Hayden know about it.

-Cody flirts with Nicole and Zach is considering a Final 4 deal with Cody, Nicole and Christine, but Nicole and Christine don’t trust them at all.

-Nicole, Hayden and Christine have an alliance, but Nicole and Hayden don’t completely trust Christine because of the Bomb Squad.

-Caleb will do anything to protect Amber and everyone knows it.

-Devin loves Donny and everyone knows about the Double Ds.

-Frankie is friends with everyone and everyone knows it.

Basically, everyone in the Big Brother 16 house knows about all of the other deals and alliances that everyone has, but they’re still pretending that they don’t. It’s absurd and definitely the most twisted summer ever.

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