Aviva Drescher may have caused a commotion by throwing her leg during the season 6 finale, but it wasn’t enough to keep her on The Real Housewives of New York City. According to Us Weekly, Aviva has been fired after two seasons on the show.

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Aviva’s castmates accused Aviva of faking illnesses to get out of both trips the ladies took during the season. While it is often speculated that these trips are mandatory for the cast members, the network has offered no official comment. They did, however, remove Aviva from the opening credits during her absence.

“It was a big deal, I guess, not going on a trip,” co-star Carole Radziwill told BuzzFeed in an interview last month.

“And Aviva’s asthma thing is just, like — it’s hard to take her asthma seriously because her husband at one point called the production team, the executive producer, and said, ‘I’ll get her to Montana in exchange for a guarantee that she’ll be on next season.’ The executive producer told me, Ramona and Sonja that in Montana. So it’s, like, we’re hearing that, behind-the-scenes, back-door deals. So it’s not like we’re horrible, insensitive women that are calling her a liar. It’s, like, no, this is actually what’s going on.”

Aviva’s most memorable moments on the show are when she called co-stars Ramona Singer and Sonja Morgan “white trash” on a trip to St. Barths and, of course, when she threw her prosthetic leg at Le Cirque to prove it was the only thing “fake and artificial” about her.

“You can say whatever you want about me, but to question the veracity of my honesty is going to really piss me off. It’s going to really bum me out. It’s going take me to the edge,” she told E! News after the incident. “Questioning my truthfulness set me off. I was being attacked by three shrews and they just wouldn’t stop and I thought that maybe they would shut up if I threw my leg on the table. And they did.”

Bravo has yet to renew The Real Housewives of New York City for season 7 and has made no official comment about the cast.

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Gina Pusateri

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