The double eviction of Big Brother 16 is over, with Jocasta and Hayden becoming the first two members of the jury (though Julie Chen told them they might have a chance to come back into the game). After the show ended, there was a lot of scrambling, and by 9:30pm PT, the feeds went dark for the new HoH competition, which will once again crown two winners. The Battle of the Block is not over and that presents a lot of complications with just nine HGs.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 16 spoilers.

Nicole and Christine won HoH!

Wow, two girls winning for the first time. This could be bad news for the dudes. Will they repair their friendship and take down someone in the Detonators? Or will they put up Donny or Victoria for a fifth time each?

This is Nicole’s third HoH win, tying Frankie for the season. And it’s the first time for Christine, which now makes Victoria the only remaining HG who has never won HoH.

With only seven potential nominees and four open slots, this will be a tough and complicated decision. Things could get sticky as at least two members of the Bomb Squad will definitely be on the block.

UPDATE: Shortly before midnight, Nicole and Christine met to discuss their nominations. They agreed not to backdoor each other. Frankie came in and tried to completely flip on the Bomb Squad. He told the girls that they should work with Donny and Victoria, turning on the four big guys (Zach, Caleb, Derrick and Cody). As soon as he left, they completely shot down that idea.

Then they decided that Christine would put up Donny and Zach while Nicole would put up Victoria and Caleb, with an alleged plan to backdoor Cody (since Christine revealed that he voted against Nicole and Nicole revealed that he knew about Zach’s “fruit loop dingus” speech). WTF? This is exactly what happened last week, only Jocasta has been replaced by Donny. And the only three people who are NOT being nominated are the same three people who have NEVER been on the block.

This is probably going to be another horrible week where everything blows up in Nicole’s face because she wusses out with easy nominations, meaning either Victoria or Donny will go home. And for some reason, Cody gets all of the blame while Derrick gets none of it.

UPDATE #2: After their talk, Nicole chatted some more with Zach, and she seems to genuinely trust him and like him more than any of the other guys. And Zach is telling Nicole that she doesn’t trust anyone else because he seems to believe Nicole that he was definitely going home for most of last week and that, at least for a few days, his allies turned on him. Now it seems Christine is considering making a huge move and putting up Derrick with Donny instead of Zach.

It’s starting to seem like the battle lines are moving, with Cody and Derrick locking down Caleb and Victoria, but the other five are all over the place with different connections. Nicole appears to trust Christine, Donny and Zach, but not Frankie. It’s confusing.

UPDATE #3: At 1:30am, Zach and Nicole had a very revealing conversation when Zach told her everything about his game from the start. He told her about his Final 2 with Frankie from Day 3 and his Final 3 with Derrick and Cody, and that he told Frankie everything and eventually made a Final 3 with Frankie and Christine. Then he revealed that the Detonators was made three weeks ago, but the other four members all told Nicole that it was formed this week. Nicole’s reaction was priceless and it was cool to see them comparing notes on what happened last week to get on the same page.

Zach told her he still trusts Derrick and Cody, but she told him about the Rationale, which is why she doesn’t trust them. And Zach hates Frankie and Christine, and that was furthered when Nicole told him that Frankie told her and Christine to nominate Zach, Caleb, Derrick and Cody. They agreed that they have no choice but to trust each other and promised to keep the conversation a secret.

Of course, then Zach ran to Cody and told him that Frankie told Nicole to put up the four boys and he also told him about the lie of the Detonators being started three days ago. But Cody already knew that because he was also a part of that lie. And Zach ALSO told Caleb about Frankie telling the girls to nominate the four guys, who ran back to share the news with Cody and Derrick. So Zach may not be totally loyal to Nicole, but he is definitely targeting Frankie and Christine and trying to turn everyone against them. Sorry, Zankie fans, but Zach appears to be completely done with it.

After that, Zach, Caleb, Derrick and Cody plotted to get Nicole to nominate Frankie and Zach, with Zach volunteering to throw the Battle of the Block competition to ensure that Frankie goes home. Once Caleb left, Zach told Derrick and Cody that he told Nicole about the Detonators and that Nicole said she and Hayden had an alliance with Derrick and Cody. You could almost see the regret on Derrick’s face that he kept this bozo.

As if that wasn’t enough, he also added Donny into the mix. Zach was on a crazed, one-man mission to turn every single person against Frankie.

Derrick then ran upstairs to tell Nicole about what Zach was doing to throw him under the bus. And, hilariously, he keeps talking about how he’s never seen Big Brother played like this with all of the rats and lies being spread around.

The DE Aftermath

When the feeds came back after the show ended, Nicole was angry and started crying, Christine comforted her, and it seems most of Nicole’s hatred is aimed at Frankie and Cody, but Christine and Derrick are immune from her wrath. Also, Zach has been playfully taunting and flirting with Nicole, mentioning that they will became a showmance.

In addition, there was a lot of intrigue surrounding the Bomb Squad and the Detonators. Zach was confronted about all of his various deals within the Detonators, with Frankie and Cody sitting him down to explain that they know he has Final 2 deals with both of them and that Zach told Frankie about Los Tres Amigos. It seems like they were burying the hatchet.

However, it also appears that Hayden and Nicole’s speeches throwing Frankie and Christine under the bus worked, as Cody and Caleb are both wary of those two and don’t trust them. Zach also claims that he’s done with Frankie and is now back to Cody, but who knows how long that will last. Elsewhere, Derrick has Victoria firmly planted in his back pocket, even talking about having her throw the Battle of the Block competition this week if they need her to do it.

It’s hard to tell where everything will shake out. Derrick seems to be committed to keeping Nicole and Donny as the top targets, though Caleb, Cody and even Zach are contemplating turning against Frankie and Christine. There are still plenty of cracks left in the slowly rotting corpse of the Bomb Squad, but will it stay together for another week or two? They survived last week’s near-collapse by not evicting Zach, so I wouldn’t be surprised if Derrick keeps them all together for a while.

Derrick has been hard at work, as usual, repairing all relationships and throwing others under the bus. He somehow remains on good terms with everyone in the house, including Nicole and even Donny (with Derrick blaming Frankie for not telling him about the reversal to evict Jocasta).

With just nine HGs and two HoHs, more than half of the remaining people will be nominated and two will get immunity thanks to the Battle of the Block, so the competitions will be key this week.


-With HoH, PoV and BotB, Nicole and Donny now have five competition wins each. Nobody else is even at four.

-Zach Cody and Derrick have only won one competition each. Everyone else in the house has won at least three competitions.

-Christine and Donny are the only HGs this season who have won all three types of competitions.

-Nicole is only the fifth woman in the history of the show to win three HoHs in a single season. The others are Nakomis (season 5), Janelle (season 7), Rachel (season 13) and Aaryn (season 15).

-Victoria is the biggest loser, having lost 14 competitions. Zach is a close second, having lost 13 times.

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