Well, it looks like the rumors are true. Adrienne Maloof confirmed that she will return to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills for season 5, although she will not be a full-time cast member.

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She left after season 3 after being on the show since the beginning. She has since divorced her husband, Dr. Paul Nassif, and had a string of you much younger boyfriends.

“I was approached by the producers to come back,” Adrienne told Us Weekly. “I’m coming back in cameo roles.”

Her exit was highly notable, given the fact that she refused to attend the season 3 reunion taping after that season. It seemed as though she was unwilling to face Brandi Glanville, who had antagonized her all season.

“It just made sense to maybe take this and come full circle from where I left off last time,” she said. “I’m coming back, also, a bit wiser. I know what to expect now. There were some unfinished situations that I felt the need to kind of mend and come full circle.”

It seems that some time and distance away from the show has really done Adrienne a lot of good. Rumor has it she’s even made peace with her former nemesis, Brandi.

“A lot has happened in my life,” she said. “So with each experience, I think I’ve grown. I’m at a point now where it’s a new chapter. I can really focus and think clearer on what to expect, and there’s nothing like experience to kind of get you to where you know you want to be. And I know that I want to come full circle with the rest of the women, some closure, and I feel like I have a better grasp on how to do that now.”

Adrienne also confirmed that actress Lisa Rinna has officially joined the cast, and that she has enjoyed getting to know her.

“She’s lovely. I think she knows what she’s getting into. She has been around [the show] enough to kind of see what it is. She’s very close to her family, she loves her children, so at least she’s not going to take any nonsense.” 

(Image and video courtesy of Bravo)

Gina Pusateri

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