For the first two weeks of Big Brother 16, the two HoHs were on the same page. They were all members of the Bomb Squad and, despite the eight-person alliance blowing up, nominations were relatively simple. Now there’s actual conflict as the two HoHs have different opinions.

Even more exciting, while the first two weeks were about some of the worst gameplay ever, this week is featuring some of the best, with astounding moves and surprising revelations.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 16 spoilers.

HoH Nicole nominated Amber and Donny.

HoH Derrick nominated Jocasta and Caleb.

How the Nominations Happened

If you thought Derrick’s manipulation of Caleb to keep Zach last week was impressive, this week will beat it. Derrick’s strategy was to convince Caleb that he should volunteer to be one of his nominees so he could throw the Battle of the Block competition in order to ensure Amber’s safety as one of Nicole’s nominees. It would also make sure Caleb would be one of the players in the Power of Veto competition, which he assumes he will win.

Derrick played on Caleb’s ego and his obsession with Amber, making it sound like Caleb would be the beast-mode cowboy in shining armor, saving his queen. Derrick’s inception was so subtle that, after a brief conversation, Caleb was convinced that it was his own idea. However, Caleb would only do it if Amber said it was OK.

Caleb then spoke to Amber about it and she was skeptical, but Caleb was steadfast in his belief that this was a good idea. And he managed to convince her to accept.

Nicole feels badly for putting up Donny, but she did it by process of elimination because she didn’t want to nominate anyone else. And when Donny talked to Nicole, he urged to to put up Christine because she’s in the Bomb Squad.

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Now the plan is for Caleb and Jocasta to lose the Battle of the Block so that Devin can be backdoored as long as he doesn’t get picked to play and wins the Power of Veto.

Derrick Gets Outfoxed by Nicole

As brilliant as Derrick’s manipulation of Caleb is, that’s nothing compared to the season’s truly diabolical and brilliant couple: Hayden and Nicole. That’s right, those two are onto everything and everyone.

When Derrick and Nicole first spoke in the HoH room, he did his best to convince her that the Bomb Squad wasn’t really a formal alliance and that he didn’t know who all of the other members were, but she knew he was lying (because Christine was honest about it with her). Derrick was foolish enough to think his lies worked and that he could actually convince the rest of the house that the Bomb Squad wasn’t as tight as it really was.

He suggested an alliance and even proposed a Final 2 deal with Nicole because they’re both super fans. Unfortunately for Derrick, he had no idea how much she was playing him.

Later, Hayden came up to the HoH room to cuddle with Nicole. Nicole told him all about Derrick’s lies and his proposed Final 2 deal. Hayden agreed that the Bomb Squad is still in effect and she can’t trust Derrick at all. They also know he has a Final 3 deal with Zach and Cody. Despite Cody’s flirtation with Nicole, and Derrick’s assumption that those two are close, Nicole knows how sketchy Cody is too. Hayden and Nicole pretty much don’t trust anyone in the Bomb Squad.

Zach is a bit of a wild card. He spoke to Nicole and was much more forthcoming about the Bomb Squad than Derrick, unafraid to say anything and everything on his mind, from how close he is to Cody to the fact that Frankie shares everything with him. His game is so aggressively erratic that I can’t tell if he’s a genius or a moron.

But basically, Hayden and Nicole have a perfect read on the entire house. And despite their own alliance with Christine, they know that she is the female equivalent of Derrick and dangerous in her own way. They may seem like dim-witted blondes, but that’s obviously an act.

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The first two weeks of Big Brother 16 were all about the worst players, but week 3 appears to be about the best. I originally thought it was Derrick, but Hayden and Nicole are proving to be even more formidable than I thought. Then there’s Zach, whose game is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Now that people who know the game are in charge, things are getting intense.

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