The power is up for grabs on Big Brother 16, and Thursdays’ episode ended with the start of an endurance competition to decide the two HoHs in week 4. Following Devin’s eviction, the 12 eligible HGs were randomly paired in duos, with the winners becoming the two HoHs.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 16 spoilers.

The teams must work together to maneuver 12 eggs to an open slot by reaching their fingers through a thin mesh wire. There’s also “ash” falling on them. This has never been a team competition before, but last year, GinaMarie won it.

The pairs are:

Victoria and Christine
Caleb and Nicole
Brittany and Jocasta
Amber and Zach
Donny and Hayden
Cody and Frankie

From a drama perspective, Brittany and Jocasta would cause the most damage, while the pairs of Victoria/Christine and Hayden/Donny could also lead to some interesting nominations. But if it’s any of the other duos, Jocasta and Victoria should starting picking out the outfits they want to wear when they meet Julie next week.

As always, all times are Big Brother 16 local time, aka PST.

7pm: When the show ended, Amber/Zach and Cody/Frankie were in the lead, each with one egg.

7:15pm: The live feeds are still down.

7:30pm: Still no live feeds. Sorry, folks, it seems as though they feeds won’t come back until it’s over. Lame.

7:35pm: The live feeds are back. Cody and Frankie won!

It sounds like Zach/Amber and Brittany/Jocasta were the closest to them. Christine and Victoria were way behind and it sounds like they only got one egg.

Well, that should make the Team America mission easier, though it means one of them will probably have to nominate Caleb. Frankie is now the first person to win two HoHs. The Detonators (the new alliance name for Frankie, Cody, Zach, Derrick and Christine) are in charge, which means they (and probably Hayden and Nicole) are safe. Get ready for more of the exact same nominees.

It also means we’ll have to deal with Frankie’s insufferable shrieking and scene-stealing. He says on the live feeds that he wants a picture of his sister in his HoH basket, which could be interesting. Will people recognize Ariana Grande?

It’s worth pointing out that Frankie has won two competitions that were identical to two that GM won last year, so I guess they’re competitively similar.

Also, the season of men continues. Nine out of the 11 HoH and PoVs have been won by men, and Nicole’s HoH last week is the only time a woman has beaten a man in a competition.

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