Big Brother 16 is a very unusual season. This week they picked Skittles out of a hat to decide the nominations, and now the Power of Veto ceremony is so staged that everyone, including the people involved, knew exactly what was going to happen beforehand.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 16 spoilers.

Frankie won the Power of Veto.

Frankie saved Caleb. Zach is the replacement nominee.

Zach is going to be evicted. Zach knows this. Everyone knows this. Everyone knew it before the ceremony.

Zach started to get suspicious on Sunday, mostly because Caleb basically told him to his face that he was going up when everything surrounding the Team America mission started to blow up (more on that later). Zach got depressed, figured it out, talked to Frankie and learned that he was going to be nominated and evicted because it’s what everyone in the alliance wanted because of the many times he’s been unreliable and opened his mouth.

Zach took it well, accepted his inevitable fate with a smile and agreed to just have a fun couple of final days in the Big Brother 16 house. It’s very unusual since he and Frankie managed to remain civil and best friends, even while this was happening.

There are allegedly rules about not telling people if they’re going to be nominated, but obviously the producers don’t care enough to enforce them. After the Skittle selection, how could they, since it was obvious that everyone knew they were going to be nominated before it happened. Heck, even Frankie’s sister, Ariana Grande, tweeted using the hashtag #RenomRule, which states that you can’t tell someone if they’re going to be the replacement nominee. Apparently it was enforced in season 12 when Brendon told Britney he was going to nominate her, got called to the diary room, and then had another conversation about how he wasn’t going to put her up.

Team America

The new mission, to steal articles of clothing from everyone and start a neighborhood watch patrol for 24 hours, kicked off on Sunday. After all of the items were stolen, Cody was the first to notice his hat went missing. He went crazy looking for it and, soon after, everyone realized they were missing something too.

It didn’t take long for accusations to fly, with almost everyone agreeing that Zach did it and he is the Saboteur. As always, the Team America mission targets Zach. He tried to deny it, though he did it with the same half-smile when the rumor about him being Amanda Zuckerman’s cousin started. He played along with it at first, but when it became obvious to him that everyone wanted him out because of it and that he could be the replacement nominee, he stopped.

He tried repeatedly by begging and pleading that it wasn’t him, but no one seemed to believe him. It became a witch hunt, with everyone going over all of the crazy things he’s done this season and deciding that they all must have been missions for the Saboteur. It was quite depressing to watch everyone gang up on him, especially since Frankie and Derrick were fueling the fire.

Zach didn’t help his case when he tried to steal the cue ball from the pool table and was immediately caught red-handed. Eventually things died down, especially after he learned he was going to be nominated and evicted (but not just because of this Saboteur thing).

Also, Cody and Caleb eventually found the stolen items in the storage room, very proud of their detective skills. Even after that, Donny and Derrick kept the patrol up to ensure that they win the mission, since it must continue for 24 hours. But it wasn’t really a “patrol” and, instead, it was just one member of Team America and someone else (Victoria or Caleb throughout the night) staying up with them in the living room.


-This is Zach’s fourth nomination. Now he, Victoria, Donny and Caleb all have four or more nominations each, while all of the other four HGs combined only have four total nominations.

-This is Zach’s third time facing an eviction vote and the first for Cody. Christine, Frankie, Derrick and Victoria have never faced a vote.

-Since Victoria is neither nominated nor HoH, this will mark the ninth eviction in a row in which she will cast a vote. The only other HGs in the history of the show to cast votes in each of the first nine evictions are season 3’s Danielle Reyes and season 11’s Kevin Campbell. Season 15’s McCrae Olson holds the record for most consecutive votes with 10 in a row, though he was HoH in the first week and didn’t vote.

-Derrick has now survived nine rounds of nominations without ever going on the block. He is only the ninth player in the history of the show to do this. Others include the last two winners, Andy Herren and Ian Terry, as well as season 5 winner Drew Daniel. Season 3’s Danielle Reyes and Jason Guy, as well as season 6’s April Lewis, are the only HGs to go 10 whole sets of nominations without being on the block.

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