ZING! Though Big Brother 16 has been filled with boredom and disappointment, that sound is like a gift from the Gods. The Zingbot is back for this week’s Power of Veto competition, but sadly we didn’t get to see him show up on the live feeds. Instead, here are the results of the competition.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 16 spoilers.

Derrick nominated Christine and Donny. Frankie nominated Caleb and Cody. Christine and Donny won the Battle of the Block (well, Donny won it since, like Caleb last week, Christine tried to throw it and failed). Frankie, Caleb and Cody were joined by Christine, Donny and Victoria in the competition.

Frankie won the Power of Veto!

Like Devin in week 2, he has all the power as HoH and PoV winner. Now comes the time to make a decision. Apparently Kathy Griffin was involved in the competition and Caleb was close.

The original plan was to use it on one of the nominees (probably Caleb) and backdoor Victoria. Then the Bomb Squad votes her out. But Derrick has put in a lot of work getting Victoria in his back pocket, so he may have other ideas.

Derrick has already been planting seeds to possibly backdoor Zach, and he may have influenced most of the house. Caleb is already telling Frankie that everyone would be OK with it. And Frankie has already told Caleb, Derrick and Cody that he will do it and “euthanize” Zach.

The most interesting thing is that, on Friday, Frankie talked to Donny and encouraged him to try to win so they could do something together. Would Frankie dare to make a big move against Derrick, who everyone in the house now realizes is going to win the game if he makes it to the end?

This might be the optimal time. If Caleb comes down and Derrick goes up, Frankie might have the votes to get him out. Donny and Zach could align with him to do it, and Christine is closer to Cody than Derrick (and apparently the Zingbot noticed, making a joke about them cuddling that has her upset). If Frankie could compel Caleb too, that would be four votes to send Derrick out the door.

However, Frankie seems like a cautious player and will do whatever people want him to do. If that means nominating Zach, he may be turning on Zankie for the thousandth, and possibly final, time.

UPDATE: In a delightful twist, Ariana Grande has learned what her brother is planning this week and tweeted the following:

“frankie don’t backdoor zach frankie don’t backdoor zach frankie don’t backdoor zach frankie don’t backdoor zach frankie don’t backdoor zach”


“i’m a mess keeping up w this game…. wish I could tell @frankiejgrande telepathically to backdoor Derrick instead (sry derrick’s family)”

If that doesn’t bring a smile to your face, nothing will.

The Zings

We didn’t get to see the actual Zings, but the HGs talked about them. Here’s some of what to expect.

-Derrick’s Zing was about how the house is full of good-looking guys, except him.

-Donny’s Zing was about how he looks like Duck Dynasty, but his social game is “Suck Dynasty.”

-Frankie’s Zing was that it’s surprising that he’s so tan because it must be hard to get any sun while standing in his sister’s shadow.

-Zach’s Zing was about how doing the gator chop and being unemployed isn’t cool.

-Caleb’s Zing was about him wearing so much make-up that he should be called Beast Mode Cowgirl.

-Cody’s Zing was about him always touching and cuddling with Christine.

The Have-Nots

Now that they’re down to the Top 8, the HGs received a smaller table in the dining room. Also, HoH Frankie got to pick two Have-Nots and he chose Christine and Victoria (the only two girls) because they’ve done it the least. In addition to Slop, they can eat Transylvanian Goulash, aka blood sausage, canned pumpkin and onions.

This is the second time as a Have-Not for Christine and Victoria, meaning Donny and Frankie are the only remaining HGs to only be Have-Nots once. Half of the HGs this season have been Have-Nots at least twice.

Team America

On Saturday, Team America met to finalize the details of their new mission, to take an item of clothing from each HG and form a neighborhood watch patrol for 24 hours to keep an eye out. At least three other HGs must be involved in the patrol.

They’re going to hide everything in a trash bug under the recycling bin in the storage room and then try to act like it’s a prank. They also plan to write a message on the mirror warning everyone to watch their stuff after the items have all been stolen.

The plan is to take Amber’s bunny slippers that Caleb wears, Zach’s Florida Gators shirt, Donny’s visor and other various items, though they have back-up plans because Zach almost never takes off his Gator shirt. It certainly sounds like a lot of ridiculousness is coming up on Wednesday’s episode. efore the PoV competition, Derrick started the mission by taking Victoria’s robe and hiding it.


-This is only Frankie’s second PoV competition, as he has never been picked to play and has only competed as HoH. Cody and Derrick have each only played in three. Everyone else has played in at least six.

-Caleb has played in the most PoV competitions, seven out of nine.

-Donny and Victoria have both played in the most competitions this season, 19 out of 26. Derrick and Frankie have played in the least, only 11.

-Though there’s an asterisk next to it because of the double HoH twist, Frankie is the 15th HG in the history of the show to win five total HoH and PoV competitions.

-Frankie has now won three competitions in a row, last week’s Battle of the Block, the zombie HoH and this PoV. He did not play in last week’s Otev competition or this week’s BotB.

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