So how are you feeling about the new cast of The Real Housewives of New Jersey? Personally, I think this season is lacking the usual spark that has made this show so popular in the past. But I suppose it’s still early yet.

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Go Green

Melissa and Joe are back at the car dealer, but it’s not because Melissa wrecked the car again; it’s because the Gorgas want to give their industrial shredder truck a makeover. Melissa says she’s a big part of Joe’s businesses and they’ve always made a great pair. Riiiiiiight. Because your husband isn’t patronizing you at all by pretending to indulge in your idea about giving the truck wings. He lets you make all of the important decisions.

Later on, Joe brings Melissa to the facility where they get rid of the waste from their garbage truck. He wants her to understand how it’s done so she can be the ambassador for their company. How he expects her to sell anything is a mystery. Oh, wait, he legitimately thinks that because she’s hot, she’s qualified for this job. Good lord.

At the facility, a real live scientist, not just a “Back to the Future Scientist,” according to Melissa’s astute observation, shows her how they use plasma to vaporize waste. Joe thinks that if she spent as much time studying as she does shopping, they’ll be running a $20 billion company. Even that seems optimistic, considering Melissa’s intelligence level.

Amber is still feeling stung by Melissa and the twins. But she and her family are having a viewing commercial for their Mortgage Now commercial. In his confessional, Jim takes some time to throw shade at his wife, saying that calling Amber a good actress would be like calling someone who is not a surgeon a good surgeon. Burn! For what it’s worth, she’s a terrible actress and the commercial is the cheesiest thing ever.

That’s Amore

Rino and Teresa A. are having everyone (except Jim and Amber) to one of their restaurants in Brooklyn. Rino is very proud of the restaurant renovation because it’s something that he and Teresa did together. He says the two of them have had their differences, but they’re still standing. I suppose he’s referring to the fact that he and Teresa were married for seven years, divorced and then re-married. Ugh. Either way, this guy is such a creep.

Melissa tells the twins at the bar before dinner that she doesn’t want to get in the middle of things between them and Amber. Which is funny, because she’s done nothing but get in the middle of things between them and Amber. The three of them agree that Nicole and Amber should probably just have a sit-down to clear the air.

Rosie brings her girlfriend, Ellen, to meet everyone. The two met in a bar about a year ago and she really makes Rosie happy. Nicole thinks that Rosie and Ellen are sweet, but she’s not sure if she feels the same way about Bobby. Rino calls them a “fake couple” in front of everyone, which is rude and awkward.

All in the Family

After Nicole got divorced, she had to go back to work to support herself. She’s a private jet broker, and one of the best in the business, if you ask her.

She calls Amber on speakerphone while she’s at the office, which is rude. She proceeds to tell Amber that she wants to sit down and work things out, and when Amber tells her she’s not sure if she’s ready, she talks over her telling her she’ll text her a time and place, which is again rude. Then she hangs up the phone and calls her a crazy person, which is also rude. In conclusion: Nicole is a rude and obnoxious human being.

Back at the Giudices’, where things are looking relatively sane, it’s Gia’s 13th birthday. Gia didn’t want a birthday party this year because she’s the only one in this family who seems to understand the dire financial situation they’re in. Joe and Teresa can’t believe she’s growing up so fast. Joe isn’t too pleased to hear that she’s already kissed a boy.

Later, Teresa goes to Dina’s to make a vision board for her goals for the year ahead. Even though she doesn’t really think she needs a vision board, she wants to focus on positivity. She tells Dina that she’s already looking for smaller houses in the neighborhood. She’s not afraid to downsize because they can make a home anywhere; she just needs love. Ironically enough, that attitude about life might have kept her out of this situation had she adopted it years earlier.

Teresa A. goes with Rino to a construction site in New Jersey where they’re building their new restaurant from the ground up. The new restaurant will be their 18-year-old son Gio’s baby after he graduates, since he wants to bypass college to go into the family business. They are both very proud of him, and Rino tells him that going into the family business will make him successful, and with success, he’ll have money, and with money, he can get any girl in the world. Gag.

Work It Out

It looks like Amber was sufficiently bullied into meeting Nicole to talk things over. And surprisingly enough, the two of them have a polite conversation where they manage to work through most of their issues. Nicole says that she’s past the anger at this point; now she’s just hurt that Amber started rumors about her. Amber says that while she didn’t start the rumors, it was wrong of her to repeat them to Melissa and she apologizes. She just wishes Nicole would have given her the chance to explain herself before things got violent.

It’s Nicole’s turn to apologize. She says that Amber’s right, and she wished she hadn’t handled things the way that she did. She does say she’s still hurt that Amber said what she said about how Bobby wouldn’t marry her. Amber says that she used what she knew to do damage to Nicole after she pulled her hair. But in her confessional, she says that she is worried that Bobby is just using Amber.

In the end, the two are happy with each other’s apologizes and they hug it out. Oh, the things you can accomplish when you act like adults!

Get ready for the twins to fight among themselves next week. Maybe that’s what this season needs for a little jump-start.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs Sundays at 8pm on Bravo.

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