It’s a slow, very drawn-out night of Rising Star, and it just feels like we’re limping toward the finale, aren’t we?

This week, the experts’ votes will count for only 1%, which means that America’s votes are better than ever. Was this already in the works or did Kesha’s “Vote everyone in!” tactic make the producers want to shake things up?

There’s a nice bit in the beginning with Josh Groban participating in the social media ice bucket challenge before challenging everyone in the semifinal round.

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Austin French (“Love Runs Out”)

Last week’s leader has the first spot of the night, and he uses the stage well in his performance, until he makes it down to the experts’ area. It gets borderline cheesy here, but his vocal performance holds up well, and it actually feels like it could be his song rather than him singing someone else’s song. America definitely has loved this guy since day one. Result: 81%

Maneepat Malloy (“Chandelier”)

She’s the surprise save from last week, and so she really tries to work on her stage presence, and she gets help from none other than Kesha, who offers her some good advice. However, her vocal abilities just aren’t there with this song, especially when there’s so many layers to it. It’s a complicated song to nail, and I think she would’ve been better off working on her performance while singing a song where she hits all the notes. Result: 27%

Jesse Kinch (“Billie Jean”) 

Everyone freaks out a little bit at this version of the Michael Jackson hit, but all I’m thinking is “been there done that” with David Cook on American Idol. It’s a little too slow, and yes, it’s nice to “change up” a song, but it’s not entirely unique. Result: 83%

The Top 3 to Beat

Jesse Finch

Austin French

Maneepat Malloy

Dana Williams (“Sunday Morning”)

It’s a nice, sweet rendition of a great song for about a quarter of the performance. And then it gets drawn out, there are complicated vocals and melody for a rather simple song and she loses me. It’s a good lesson in “less is more.” Result: 75%; she raises the wall, eliminating Maneepat.

Audrey Kate Geiger (“Killing Me Softly”)

Maybe it’s the momentum of the previous song, but this is yet another nicely sung song that doesn’t go anywhere. No one seems to really be stepping it up this week, instead seeming to go safe. I’m hoping she’ll get saved and get another shot next week. Result: 69%; the wall does not rise.

Joshua Peavy (“What Hurts the Most”)

With his competition still figuring things out with what, exactly, they should sing to showcase improvement every week, if Joshua sticks with country, he should be golden to the end. There’s still that theatrical quality about him, but as a whole, he’s the frontrunner at the moment, the one who seems to have it all together. Result: 72%, the wall does not rise.

Austin French, Jesse Kinch and Dana Williams advance to the finale.


For the last time this season, West Coast viewers have a chance to save one singer. Who did they advance to the finale? Here are the West Coast percentages from the Bottom 3.

Maneepat Molloy: 34%
Audrey Kate Geiger: 68%
Joshua Peavy: 67%

Audrey Kate Geiger is in the finale! Once again, the West Coast viewers overturned the East Coast votes, as Joshua beat Audrey by 3% on the East Coast.

The Rising Star finale airs next Sunday at 9pm on ABC.

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