I love the concept of a do-over. From the Bill Murray classic Groundhog Day to Thanksgiving leftovers, things are always better the second time around. That’s especially true for Big Brother 16.

Last week fans had to sit through Frankie winning everything, Victoria being the target (why?) and the engagement of Jeff and Jordan. This time, Frankie DOESN’T win everything, Victoria is no longer the target and instead of a proposal, we get the jurors coming back into the house to win money. The Zach Attack is back! And so is my interest in this show.

The HoH Competition

The Rewind is in effect and the HGs are playing the same seesaw HoH competition. Last week Frankie edged out a victory over Caleb when Caleb lost his balance and spilled his seeds near the end.

Cody and Caleb both seem to have learned from their mistakes last time and do a much better job. Victoria is just as bad. Frankie is still good, though he’s slightly upset that the rain is harder and colder.

Near the end, Cody drops his seeds again and is out of it. It comes down to Caleb and Frankie once again, but this time Beastmode Cowboy stays calm under pressure. Caleb wins the HoH competition!

Derrick and Cody are both desperate to convince Caleb to take a shot at Frankie, something he wasn’t willing to do two weeks ago. Frankie keeps telling himself that the all-boys Final 4 deal is still in place and Victoria will be evicted. I can’t tell if he genuinely believes that or if it’s just wishful thinking.

The Rewind Plan

Frankie tries to convince everyone that things need to be the same as last week, with Victoria as the target. He’s the only one who wants that. Derrick isn’t even trying to pretend that Team America matters to him like he did when Donny was around, making it clear that Frankie is his one and only target.

Caleb starts to think for himself and considers not nominating Frankie. He wants to protect himself in case Frankie wins the PoV. Caleb’s plan is to nominate Derrick against Victoria, then save Derrick with the PoV if Caleb, Cody or Derrick win it and backdoor Frankie.

Derrick doesn’t buy this plan at all, even though it’s quite reasonable. In order to stay off the block, Derrick says that if Frankie is safe and he wins the PoV, he might use it on Victoria, making Cody and Derrick the two nominees. This is a perfect example of Derrick revealing his own strategy by accusing someone else of doing it, because that’s the same plan Derrick mentioned last week if he won the PoV in order to backdoor Caleb. I honestly don’t think Frankie would do it.

The Jurors Trash the House

It’s time for a luxury competition and all of the HGs are very happy. But they shouldn’t be.

The five HGs are locked in the HoH room and watch a live video of the six jurors coming back into the house. They start trashing the place, with Zach dancing on the table while dumping Fruit Loops on Victoria’s clothes. They all get back into the diary room, and it’s a great reminder of how amazing all of their personalities were. Zach crushes it, Donny is awesome, Nicole is sweet, Hayden is goofy, Jocasta talks to God on the phone and even Christine is 70 percent less miserable. I could watch Zach, Donny and Jocasta in the diary room all day long.

The Final 5 are even more disappointed when they learn that they don’t get to play in the luxury competition. The jurors will search the house for five Knock Out chips, and if they find one, they get to knock someone else out of the game. The last one standing wins $5,000, and the Final 5 HGs each get to pick one juror to bet on, If their person wins, they also get $5,000.

Frankie picks Zach, Derrick picks Donny, Victoria picks Hayden, Cody picks Nicole and Caleb picks Jocasta, because no one wants Christine. Cody’s attempts at winning over Nicole are pointless because she spends a lot of time kissing Hayden in this episode.

The house gets totally trashed. Jocasta even dumps the trash on the ground. It’s hilarious, especially since the HGs watching from the HoH room get so angry and know they have to clean it up.

Jocasta gets the first chip and knocks out Christine. HA! Then Nicole finds three in a row and knocks out Zach, Donny and Jocasta. Wow, she is vicious. Hayden sneaks up at the end and gets the final chip. He briefly considers knocking himself out to let Nicole win the money, but she tells him not to. Hayden wins and gets $5,000 and a kiss from Nicole. Victoria also wins the money, which is less exciting.

The jury leaves and the HGs look at the absolute destruction they left behind. Victoria is furious about how bitter the jury is. Caleb almost sucks off his own face with a vacuum cleaner during the clean-up.

The Nominations

Frankie makes a pitch to Caleb to keep him off the block because they’re the two biggest targets and he has always kept Caleb safe. The flaw in Frankie’s logic is that, for the entire season, no one has done what’s best for their individual games, they do what’s best for the group. Frankie got rid of the person he claims to love more than anyone else this season (Zach) not because it was good for him, but because it’s what the group wanted. Well, this time, Frankie is who the group wants out.

Caleb nominates Frankie and Victoria. He says Victoria has a heart of gold, but he made a Final 4 pact with the boys. Caleb adds that Frankie has been the Queen protecting Caleb the King, but now Caleb needs him to be an important Pawn. That’s surprisingly eloquent.

Frankie is shocked and angry because he feels like Caleb owes him something. Derrick announces that this might be “the final curtain call for Frankie Grande.” That’s a great line, but I assume the producers fed it to him, because there’s no way Derrick came up with that on his own. It’s not important, but it does highlight that the editors are trying very hard to convince us that Derrick is the greatest puppet master since John Cusack in Being John Malkovich.

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