As Big Brother 16 winds down, it’s become clear that the fans aren’t entirely on board with some of the current houseguests. When Christine Brecht was evicted, she got the loudest boos from the live audience the show has ever heard. And that’s nothing compared to some of the anger being directed towards Frankie Grande, brother of pop star Ariana Grande.

But as much as fans have grown to dislike them, are they the most hated HGs ever? Let’s look back at some of the top contenders who earned the wrath of the fans.

Frankie Grande, Big Brother 16

As the brother of Ariana Grande, there was already a certain level of disdain when he entered the house because some fans felt like it was unfair stunt casting. But the anger quickly grew when people got to know him. Frankie acts like a spoiled, entitled brat, acting as if he’s better than everyone else. He frequently talks about how it’s his house and gloats about his successes, whether it’s in competitions or YouTube subscribers.

Frankie’s attitude and entire persona is about how he’s special and unique. He acts like he deserves special treatment because he has more Instagram followers than anyone else and seems to think that being in his presence is a gift the others should be grateful for. He embodies every negative stereotype of a diva.

Christine Brecht, Big Brother 16

Christine got the loudest boos ever when she was evicted, and it’s unclear why because there are so many reasons. Was it because she was constantly flirting with Cody even though she’s married, a fact that even made her own family and husband uncomfortable? Was it because she talked about hating people like Donny and Zach, who fans love? Or was it because she played the game so poorly, doing whatever the boys told her to do and not having a spine despite claiming to be a superfan?

Aaryn Gries and Amanda Zuckerman, Big Brother 15

Season 15 was known for the racism and offensive comments made by the HGs. Aaryn was the face of that controversy with her bigoted comments about African-American HG Candice and Asian-American Helen. It caused a lot of hate and led to the most awkward and uncomfortable post-eviction interview ever.

Amanda, on the other hand, tried to be like Evel Dick, yelling at people and insulting them as an intimidation tactic. She frequently went to the most personal and vicious attacks to cut someone down to size, earning her plenty of wrath.

Rachel Reilly, Big Brother 12 and Big Brother 13

Rachel is undoubtedly one of the most famous Big Brother alums with a huge fanbase in the Brenchel Army, but she also has a large group of haters. She’s loud, brash and annoying, squealing about tequila or crying in the bushes whenever something doesn’t work out in her favor. Her grating voice and desperate need to be the star of the show and the center of attention (not unlike Frankie) also make her hard to watch for some fans.

Evel Dick Donato, Big Brother 8

Evel Dick is the epitome of “love him or hate him.” He was unapologetically rude, dumping iced tea on people’s heads and acting like a grade-A jerk. Yet that earned him a strong group of supporters and won him the game. However, there were also people who hated him for the same reasons that people loved him.

The Friendship, Big Brother 6

Known for being the most hated alliance ever, the Friendship (or Nerd Herd, as they were called by their detractors) was a dominant alliance that included Maggie and Ivette, the two finalists from the season. The bonded quickly and spent most of the summer hanging out, making fun of the other side (which included All-Stars like Janelle and Howie) and talking about how much America loved them, which they did not. The Friendship was hated for the simple reason that they hated the people the fans really loved.

That’s become a common theme on Big Brother over the years. If anyone makes fun of the fan favorites, they become the objects of hatred. Just look at season 13’s Shelly Moore, whose family got death threats simply because she betrayed Jeff and Jordan. The Friendship really started that trend.

Those are the HGs I would consider top contenders for Most Hated, but what do you think? Do you actually love any of these HGs? Are there other past contestants who you disliked even more? And to be fair, check back next week for my poll on the Most Loved HGs.

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