The Rewind week of Big Brother 16 is almost over. Last time, Frankie won the HoH and PoV, with Victoria poised to get evicted. But does the Rewind change everything? The competitions are the same, and in the last face-morphing PoV, Frankie beat Derrick by a mere 23 seconds (Caleb was more than 2 minutes behind them, with Cody losing by more than 6 minutes and Victoria by more than 11). This time, however, they all knew it was coming and have spent nearly every waking minute studying the faces on the memory wall.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 16 spoilers.

Caleb is the new HoH. He nominated Frankie and Victoria.

Cody won the Power of Veto!

Another different result! So Caleb beat Frankie for HoH, then Cody beat Frankie for the PoV. He clearly studied hard to overcome finishing in fourth place last week.

On top of that, Victoria actually BEAT Frankie in the PoV this time. That’s just adding insult to injury. Cody’s time was 2 minutes and 21 seconds, which means he beat his time from last week by nearly 10 minutes. The HGs have spent every waking minute in front of the memory wall, so it makes sense that they were so much faster.

This also means the nominations will almost certainly stay the same. If Cody uses it, Derrick would go up, and that won’t happen. And unless Derrick changes his mind, Frankie is going to be evicted! Derrick has already told Victoria that the plan is to blindside Frankie. I’m already celebrating.

Frankie seems to know he’s going to be evicted, making jokes about pushing the button and how relieved he is that the pressure is over. Caleb says he wants it to be a tie vote so he be the one to evict Frankie, but the Hitmen have already shot that down and told him they’re both voting out Frankie.

This helps the Hitmen a lot. Derrick and Cody will play against Victoria in the Final 4 HoH, meaning one will probably win. And whoever wins the last PoV, odds are Victoria or Caleb will be evicted next week. Cody wants to stay loyal to Caleb and bring him to the end, but we’ll see.

A New Team America Reward

It seems the diary room has informed Frankie and Derrick that, if a member of Team America wins the game, they will receive a $50,000 bonus. However, contrary to early reports, the award is NOT conditional on both of them being in the finale.

Frankie, of course, thinks this means that the viewers love Team America because he’s under the mistaken assumption that America voted for this. That’s understandable, but we did not, so it’s just another way of production trying to manipulate things and giving them free money for doing absolutely nothing.

The two discussed it and mentioned that the only way to ensure the money is won is for both of them to be in the finale. It’s unclear if this additional reward is actually going to influence their decisions. Derrick has already plotted to evict Frankie, but will he change his mind? Does this make him more likely to work with Frankie instead of against him?

Whatever happens, this newest twist is upsetting. I think it’s clear from the “overwhelming no” regarding Frankie’s play that the viewers don’t actually like Team America at all, and the fact that the producers are leading them to believe that they are loved is just misleading. All it does is make Frankie even more insufferable because it feeds his massive ego. Team America has been a monumental failure, and the fact that the producers are adding elements to the twist that are NOT voted on by America negates its alleged purpose.


-This is Victoria’s 24th HoH and PoV competition, tying the all-time record for most competitions played in a season set by Spencer Clawson last year. Since she has lost 23 of them, she alone has the record for most HoH and PoV losses (Spencer only lost 22 times).

-This is the 11th Power of Veto competition that Caleb has played in, tying the all-time record held by season 5’s Drew Daniel and season 14’s Shane Meaney. Caleb will set a new record when he plays in the final PoV next week. He also sets the individual record for most PoV losses as both Drew and Shane won at least one while Caleb hasn’t won any.

-This is the fifth time this season that neither the HoH nor one of the nominees won the PoV. It hasn’t happened this many times since season 10.

-Cody now has the double-double, meaning he’s won two HoHs and two PoVs. Only 15 other people have done this in a single season, including Frankie this year.

-Cody and Frankie have now combined to win five of the last six PoVs.

-This is only the second time that four different individual HGs have won multiple PoVs in a single season (Cody, Frankie, Donny and Christine). It happened in season 13 with Porsche, Adam, Brendon and Jeff (plus Rachel, though technically one of her two PoVs was shared with Brendon). It kind of happened in season 14 with Frank, Shane, Danielle and Ian, but one of Ian’s two PoVs was the Veto Ball from a Pandora’s Box. It also kind of happened in season 9 with James, Ryan, Matt and Natalie, but Matt and Natalie won both of their PoVs as a couple.

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