If there’s one thing we’ve learned from Big Brother 16, it’s that you should probably ignore anything that’s said on a Sunday night episode. Sunday episodes are when Nicole talked about wanting to backdoor Frankie in week 6. They’re when Caleb, Derrick, Cody and Zach all wanted to evict Frankie and Christine in week 7. They’re when Cody considered backdooring Frankie last week. Things said on a Sunday episode of Big Brother 16 mean nothing.

In this episode, the Bomb Squad once again takes control of the house and Nicole is punished for the second week in a row. At this point, I bet she wishes Jocasta won that random competition to get back into the game. And there’s talk about targeting Frankie or Christine again, but it’s the same Sunday night nonsense we’ve been hearing all season long, which means it won’t amount to anything and, by Thursday, the Bomb Squad will stick together.

The HoH Competition

Caleb is the new HoH. They try to build dramatic tension, but this bowl-filling endurance competition has been won by Jeff Schroeder, Shane Meaney and Jeremy Maguire in the past three years, meaning Caleb was going to win it no matter what. Frankie claims that this kind of competition was “built for someone like” Nicole, once again proving that he knows NOTHING about this game.

Like always, there’s plenty of falling and making fun of Victoria for how pitiful she is at the competition. The only thing of note is that, near the end, Nicole tries to help out Christine, with Cody and Frankie both overhearing it. The show is going to pretend that this is the reason they are the two nominees, but that was always going to happen.

After seeing that he can’t win the HoH, Derrick goes for the $5,000 and 5,000 Hollas. In the perfect metaphor for this season, Derrick wins the money without any competition and everyone is happy to let him take it. For the rest of the episode (and the summer) there are annoying “Hollas” directed at Derrick.

Team America’s Overwhelming Failure

We see that, hours before the vote, Frankie and Caleb pushed hard to evict Nicole instead of Donny, but it failed because Cody and Derrick didn’t want to. But none of this really matters since Caleb won HoH.

Frankie and Derrick talk about failing their Team America mission, and Frankie knows it’s because they didn’t save Donny. But he doesn’t care because he says Donny was deadweight and he’s fine with the fact that America hates them. Derrick distances himself from Frankie’s obscene awfulness.

Someone who DOES care about America is Caleb, who gets a flag in his HoH room from his time fighting for our country in the Middle East. Everyone respects him for about a minute.

Frankie the Villain

Frankie goes full-on evil bitch in this episode, talking about how much he hates Nicole, how her game is over and how she doesn’t deserve special treatment. He doesn’t even want people to talk to her or treat her like a human being. And he wants to make her a Have-Not for a second week in a row to weaken her even more.

When it’s time for Caleb to pick Have-Nots, Derrick volunteers since he took the $5,000. He asks for a second volunteer and wonders if everyone has already done it twice. Frankie hasn’t (and Christine points to him to highlight this fact), but he doesn’t speak up, so Caleb chooses Nicole.

Nicole starts crying because she’s sick of being picked on. Derrick tries to comfort her by saying that everyone is playing to win, but Nicole knows that’s not true. Derrick is just covering his bases in case she manages to stay this week, but his words are hollow and meaningless.

There’s also a segment all about Christine’s incredibly annoying laughter, which Victoria hates.

The Nominations

Frankie tells Caleb that he needs to put up Nicole and Christine. Cody and Derrick agree, so Caleb is on board. Nicole tries to campaign to Caleb, but all he cares about is how she helped Christine in the HoH competition.

Caleb’s only fear is that, if he puts up Christine, she’ll have an excuse to come after him. Cody throws Frankie under the bus, saying that Frankie said that Caleb was the one spearheading the charge to save Donny last week. Yeah, the Bomb Squad has cracks, but they never lead to anything interesting.

At the end of the day, Caleb nominates Christine and Nicole. He says that Nicole is smart, cute, funny and has already had three chances to save herself since coming back. It’s a bunch of nonsense and he even admits that her campaigning fell on deaf ears.

Derrick tells us that Christine might actually be the real target this week. As I said before, you should ignore everything that’s said on a Sunday episode.

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