Still reeling from last week’s double elimination? As rough as it was, it did seem like the right challenge to send two people home on. Most of them crashed and burned when trying to design for Heidi, but let’s hope the designers can put that in the past and move on with the next challenge.

Save the Drama

We start the episode off by viewing the aftermath of some words exchanged between Korina and Amanda in their apartment, but apparently it wasn’t caught on camera. According to Amanda, Korina called her a “phony.” Amanda’s hurt by Korina’s words, she actually cries in her confessional.

Although I’m surprised we don’t have evidence of this on film, I’m not surprised that Korina is acting like a mean girl. She did bad on last week’s challenge, so it makes sense for her to lash out on her roomie, who was in top looks.

Later, the designers go to Webster Hall where they meet Tim and Dita Von Teese. He tells them that the challenge this week is to create their own version of an alternative wedding dress (like Dita’s famous Vivienne Westwood wedding dress) and a dress for the same bride to wear to the reception. Since they’re creating two looks, the designers will work in teams of two. 

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Couple Up

Of course Korina and Amanda are paired up. After all of the drama, it seems all too convenient. Korina has the “original” idea of making her bride wear a twist on the tuxedo dress, and Amanda will work on the reception dress. Amanda doesn’t like Korina’s suit idea, but she doesn’t want to upset her partner so she appeases her as much as possible.

Korina is feeling pretty confident about her design when Tim comes around to dash her dreams. While he adores Amanda’s weird leather weaving technique, he thinks Korina’s idea is pedestrian. He tells her the judges are looking for creativity, not something they’ve seen before.

Korina tries to re-design what she has, but she can’t figure anything out. Amanda would help her, but she’s been so mean to her so she decides to stay out of it. If they’re in the bottom, they’ll just take ownership of their individual looks.

Eventually, Amanda decides to help Korina finish her pants when it looks like she isn’t going to finish. Instead of being appreciative of her partner’s help, Korina takes her help for granted, saying her dress was really easy anyway. Even with Amanda’s help, Korina ends up having to sew the pants on.

Fade and Emily are partnered up, which seems like a good match. They’re the two oldest designers and they both have kind of an alternative aesthetic to start off with. At first Fade wants to do something in denim, but Emily talks him into a dark lace over a nude base. She’s also making a hooded lace veil, which is very Lydia Deetz.

Alexander and Samantha are partners and neither really know what they’re doing. Alexander’s never designed wedding wear and Samantha’s never even been to a wedding. They decide on burgundy lace with silver applique for a dark and romantic look. Alexander makes sure to cover his model’s sexy bits with the applique so he doesn’t give the judges a show like he did last week.

Kini and Sean are also doing a take on a tuxedo, but with a bit more creativity. They imagine that their client is a bride getting gay-married. Kini designs this beautiful jacket top with huge more feminine ruffles on the bottom. He’s feels like this is his challenge (though he should have already won at least once). Sean is using his background in menswear to make a suit for the reception, but with more feminine fabric and lines.

The two of them work well together, but Sean isn’t as fast a sewer as Kini, because no one is. Since Sean has immunity, Kini does a little extra work for Sean’s look to make sure they have two complete looks on the runway.

Sandhya and Char are working together and Sandhya is inspired by the bright colors that Indian brides (including her) wear to weddings. She picks out a highlighter yellow that Char is wary of, but eventually goes along with. Sandhya is worried about Char’s construction skills on her reception dress, but she’s confident that she’ll be able to make it work. 

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Down the Aisle

Dita Von Teese and fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni join Nina, Heidi and Zac (doing his best cosplay of the 11th Doctor with his brown jacket and red bow tie) on the judging panel tonight.

Only one team is safe tonight, and surprisingly enough, it’s Amanda and Korina.


Kini and Sean- The judges adore Sean’s feminine/masculine take on the tuxedo, especially the white cape on the blouse. Nina thinks Kini’s wedding dress ruffles are a bit too much and says she looks like a Flamenco dancer. Dita says she would wear both looks. Heidi asks who should win, and Sean tells them Kini. Kini agrees with him.

Emily and Fade- Zac thinks that Elvira wouldn’t even wear Emily’s gothic wedding gown. Dita says that her look seems like a parody of what a goth would wear. Heidi doesn’t hate it though, and she especially likes Fade’s short reception dress, though she wishes it were a bit sexier. No one thinks that the looks go well together, but they like the interesting textile that Fade created.


Alexander and Samantha- Nina thinks that the applique and embellishment is just too much. Heidi agrees and says it isn’t flattering and it’s old fashioned. Dita hates the white and burgundy together on Alexander’s look, but since there isn’t any white applique on Samantha’s, she thinks it’s better. The judges wonder why Alexander would cover up such a pretty lace to make it look so bulky.

Char and Sandhya- Heidi says that their looks are collectively an “epic fail.” Zac says that all he sees when he looks at their two looks is Big Bird and Tweety Bird. Nina thinks the yellow is too shocking and it actually hurts her eyes. Heidi says that Char’s dress looks like a bunch of scraps sewn together and Sandhya’s skirt just looks like a bed sheet.

Obviously Sean and Kini are the clear winners of the challenge but the judges go against Sean’s advice and name him the winner of the challenge. Kini thinks that he was robbed and that this was his challenge. Especially since he finished the top of Sean’s look, which the judges really admired.

It’s between Char and Sandhya in the bottom two and Char is out. Sandhya’s previous wins are probably what made the difference here because the two looks were equally as bad.

Tim says he would use his save it were later in the competition, but he’s not about to waste it so early. Adios, Charketa. I hope your Tweety Bird dress doesn’t haunt you too much.

Next week: Diamonds! And something is weighing heavy on Tim’s heart, poor guy. 

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