For the past two weeks on Big Brother 16, the HoH has also won the Power of Veto. It’s been used 8 out of 10 times and, with only seven HGs remaining and less than a month until the finale, it’s a crucial competition for survival.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 16 spoilers.

Caleb is the HoH. He nominated Christine and Nicole. Cody, Derrick and Victoria were also picked to play.

Christine won the Power of Veto!

Well, Nicole is doomed. Christine will save herself, Caleb will almost certainly nominate Victoria and everyone will keep her and take out Nicole. It’s another super boring week on Big Brother 16.

The competition involved colors and it sounds like there were punishments. All of the HGs were covered in paint. Cody was the first person out, and Christine and Derrick were the last two. Cody has to wear a dinosaur costume for the week, and here it is:

codydino2.jpgDerrick and Cody have started throwing Frankie under the bus to Caleb, but it’s doubtful he’d backdoor him this week. They’re just setting up making Frankie and Christine the next two targets.

The game has been pretty dull since the double eviction, with the Bomb Squad sticking together and making all of the decisions, even when they act like they’re willing to turn on each other. Now it will be five more days of Nicole crying, being a Have-Not and knowing that she will be evicted yet again. And for the second time this season, the double eviction will be a very bad night for her.


-Caleb and Christine have played in the most PoV competitions, eight out of 11. Frankie has only played in three.

-Christine and Donny are the only people to win more than won PoV this season.

-This is only the third time a woman has won PoV out of 11. Two of those were Christine, and one was when Caleb let Victoria win.

-If you only count HoH and PoV, Derrick and Victoria are the only remaining HGs who haven’t won at least three competitions.

-The eight original members of the Bomb Squad have won 21 out of 30 HoH and PoV competitions this season. The five remaining Bomb Squad members have won 16,

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