There have been 10 HoH competitions on Big Brother 16, and only the first one was a physical endurance challenge. It’s been frustrating to watch all of these quizzes and mental competitions, but now we’re finally getting some actual endurance. Following the eviction of Donny, the six eligible HGs began their quest for HoH.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 16 spoilers.

It’s the standard competition where the HGs must run back and forth on a slippery surface to fill a bowl with water. This time it’s a snowman’s head and a lump of a coal inside.

There’s a second, smaller bowl for a reward/punishment. The first person to fill that up wins $5,000 and 5,000 Hollas, meaning they’ll get shout-outs all summer. However, none of the HGs are going for it.

Here’s a live blog of the competition. As always, all times are Big Brother 16 local time, aka PT.

7:02pm: The feeds are back. Caleb, as seen on the live show, is in the lead.

7:04pm: There’s just a whole lot of heavy breathing.

7:05pm: Victoria is a disaster, as always. It’s just sad to watch.

7:07pm: Frankie and Nicole seem to be doing kind of OK. But Caleb is definitely faster than anyone. It will be quite shocking if he loses, especially since people like Jeff Schroeder, Shane Meaney and Jeremy Maguire won this competition in the past three years.

7:10pm: Christine says she feels like she’s going to die. Victoria and Derrick are the slowest.

7:13pm: This is going to be a while, but it’s already down to Caleb, Frankie and maybe Nicole.

7:14pm: Caleb falls in his butt, screams “Doggoneit!” then crawls back on his hands and feet.

: Christine seems to be catching up a bit to the second group with Nicole and Frankie, but Caleb is still going faster than anyone.

7:25pm: Christine is having issues with her shoes.

7:27pm: Frankie does an annoying scream every time he reaches his bowl.

7:28pm: Derrick takes a big fall. He and Victoria are definitely out of it. Caleb is on the far end, so it’s hard to see his bowl with the camera angles.

7:30pm: Nicole seems to be falling behind Christine and Frankie.

7:32pm: Derrick knows he won’t win and whispers to Cody about possibly going for the money, but he doesn’t.

7:34pm: Frankie seems to have found a good rhythm.

7:34pm: Derrick and Cody comment that Caleb, Frankie and Christine are in the lead, with Nicole close behind.

7:39pm: Somehow it seems Christine and Frankie are ahead of Caleb.

7:42pm: Derrick keeps falling and seems to be playing up how bad he is at this.

7:44pm: Derrick has finally given up on HoH and is going for $5,000.

: Christine and Frankie are in the lead, Nicole and Caleb are close behind.

7:54pm: Nicole is going slow and steady. Christine, Frankie and Caleb have more hustle.

8:03pm: Nicole is losing steam. Christine is doing surprisingly well. Caleb is also getting back in it.

8:10pm: I think Victoria will get less water than any HG in the history of doing this competition. Every time she barely gets a few drops in.

8:15pm: We’re almost one and a half hours into this and it seems Caleb, Christine and Frankie are in the lead, with Nicole close behind, all close to halfway there. Derrick is hard at work on the $5,000 smaller bowl while Victoria is…there.

8:25pm: The cameras don’t have good angles on the bowls, but Nicole seems to be falling behind.

8:30pm: Besides a lot of grunting and panting, there isn’t much happening. Some of the HGs occasionally take a break for water.

8:36pm: Nicole has almost definitely fallen to fourth and is not going very fast. The camera angles are not good to tell Caleb, Frankie and Christine, but they are in the lead.

8:37pm: Frankie has complained about his fingers being blue and throwing up in his mouth twice.

8:47pm: Christine appears to be ahead of Frankie, who is ahead of Nicole. It sounds like Caleb is in the lead.

8:52pm: Caleb has been talking to himself for the last five minutes, giving himself words of encouragement.

8:56pm: It’s been more than two hours. Caleb is off camera so it’s hard to tell where he stands, but it’s definitely Christine then Frankie then Nicole for the others. Victoria is out of it and Derrick is getting close to $5,000.

9:05pm: Last year this competition was finished in a little over an hour. In seasons 13 and 14, it only took about an hour and a half. It’s been more than two hours so far.

9:08pm: Derrick gets the ball. Derrick wins $5,000 and 5,000 Hollas!

9:08pm: Everyone congratulates Derrick. Before he got it, Christine told him that no one would vote him out just because of the Hollas. Derrick also volunteers to be a Have-Not this week.

9:09pm: The Hollas have already started, annoying shout-outs to Derrick. Others (especially Frankie) start imitating the Hollas. This is already annoying.

9:14pm: Christine is definitely ahead of Frankie and they are both way ahead of Nicole. Caleb’s bowl is not on camera.

9:18pm: There’s finally a camera on Caleb’s bowl and he’s almost at the top. He’s got this.

9:24pm: Caleb gets the ball. Caleb wins HoH!

After more than two and a half hours, the guy we all knew was going to win this competition the second we saw it has won this competition.

Frankie immediately ran over to hug him. I’m going to be shocked if Christine and Nicole aren’t the nominees. It’s nice to think that Frankie and Caleb might try to make a move against Derrick and Cody since they shot down their attempt to save Donny, but I doubt that will happen.


-This is Caleb’s third HoH win, and unlike Frankie who has four or Nicole who has three, he won all of them by himself and was the permanent HoH all three times. If you only count permanent HoHs this season as real HoHs, then he is only the 15th person to ever win three real HoHs in a single season.

-The five remaining members of the Bomb Squad have won 12 out of 19 HoHs. And they have been permanent HoH nine out of 11 times, now including five in a row.

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