Big Brother 15 is a hotbed of controversy. Between racist comments, huge fights and other nonsense, sometimes the actual game can be overlooked. But since America is being asked to vote for who is playing the best game, I’d like to highlight what’s happening on the live feeds that you may have missed.

Following the week 2 HoH competition, it was time for many HGs to try and figure out what happened with Wednesday’s vote that saw David evicted over Elissa and Jessie by a vote of 7-5-0.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 15 spoilers.

In the HoH competition, Jeremy and Aaryn won, and he let her become this week’s HoH. Given the intense scrutiny and hatred towards Aaryn in the past few days (which, I admit, is deserved), this is sure to upset just about everyone. There are also some allegations of cheating on the Internet, but to be honest, I’m not 100 percent convinced they did and I think this might be a case of people just trying to make it true because Aaryn is such an awful person.

But I’m not really that interested in rehashing the same “Aaryn is a horrible human being and deserves to be evicted or expelled” debate. My favorite HGs in Big Brother history always say that it’s just a game and you shouldn’t play it personally or emotionally. So instead, I want to focus on the game itself.

In particular, this week the Moving Company masterminded a blindside of David that worked on just about every conceivable level. But will their secret alliance be exposed by some solid detective work as people in the house try to figure out how this happened and who voted which way? To solve this puzzle, you must first understand the truth, something CBS has done a horrible job of revealing.

Here’s What Really Happened

We saw on TV that Aaryn, Candice, Jeremy, Kaitlin and GinaMarie were the five votes to evict Elissa while Amanda, Spencer, Howard, Nick, Helen, Andy and Judd all voted to evict David.

Aaryn, Candice, Kaitlin and GinaMarie were completely blindsided. The master plan was for the Mega Alliance (McCrae, Amanda, Spencer, Howard, Helen, Andy and Judd) to keep Elissa so they could “weaponize” the MVP, assuming she’ll win it every week because she’s Rachel Reilly’s sister. They agreed to keep it a secret from everyone else, but at the last minute, Spencer would tell Candice to vote out David.

However, Spencer, as part of the Moving Company (with McCrae, Howard, Nick and Jeremy), had a separate plan involving Nick. In case Candice didn’t listen to him, Nick was the solid seventh vote to evict David. So Spencer told Candice to evict Elissa instead in order to guarantee that there would be a fifth vote against her, thus giving Nick cover so he could still be able to convince Aaryn that he voted with her.

The goal of the Moving Company was to make the following true:

-Have Amanda, Helen, Andy and Judd believe that Spencer, Howard and Candice also voted to evict David.

-Have Aaryn, Kaitlin and GinaMarie believe that Jeremy and Nick also voted to evict Elissa.

-Have Candice come across as completely untrustworthy to everyone because if she tells the truth, it won’t make sense to either side.

Here’s How Aaryn’s Investigation Went

In the aftermath, Aaryn had a difficult job of figuring out who the other four votes were to evict Elissa. Judd and Andy both decided to admit that they voted to evict David.

Aaryn sat with GinaMarie to count numbers, and despite GinaMarie’s subpar math skills, she basically figured out exactly what the Moving Company wanted her to think. They are confident that the two of them, plus Nick, Jeremy and Kaitlin voted out Elissa, which must mean that everyone else is lying to them.

GinaMarie also figured out that they must’ve made a deal with Elissa because they all know she’ll win MVP every week just because she’s Rachel’s sister and they want to control the MVP vote. That part is true.

Of course things got complicated when Candice sat down with Aaryn and told her the truth (that she voted to evict Elissa and Spencer told her to do it). She was very convincing and made Aaryn believe that Candice and Spencer both voted to evict Elissa. But later, as Aaryn started thinking about it, that would mean that at least one of GinaMarie, Kaitlin and Jeremy turned on her, something which she couldn’t believe.

As Aaryn talked to Kaitlin, she revealed that she wasn’t sure about Nick and is growing suspicious of him. She talked about Candice and Spencer, but then since that didn’t add up, Kaitlin actually came to Nick’s defense, believing that he is solidly with them. She also pointed out that Candice has spent a lot of time with Elissa over the past few days, putting Candice’s credibility in question. Unintentionally, Kaitlin was actually helping to sell the Moving Company’s narrative.

Meanwhile, Nick met with his Moving Company buddy Spencer and they talked about how things were going smoothly for them. Nick actually told Spencer that he needs to be LESS convincing to Aaryn because Nick needs for her to believe that he was the fifth vote over Candice. Overall, the Moving Company seems to have successfully fooled Aaryn, Kaitlin and GinaMarie.

UPDATE: By the next day, Aaryn and Kaitlin have turned on Nick, convinced that he is not with them and voted to evict David, talking with GinaMarie and Jeremy about how they want Nick evicted next week. So the plan is blowing up a bit, but it’s unclear whether they know who the fifth vote to evict Elissa was, between Candice, Spencer and Amanda.

Here’s How Candice’s Investigation Went

The one thing the Moving Company didn’t count on was that Candice is a freaking GENIUS!

Candice started telling Helen and Andy that Spencer told her to vote out Elissa, which confused them because that wasn’t the Mega Alliance’s plan. Candice then sat with Helen in the Have-Not room and started going over their notes. And it was riveting, because they came very, VERY close to putting it all together.

They agreed that Aaryn, Kaitlin, GinaMarie and Candice voted to evict Elissa while Helen, Andy, Judd, Howard and Amanda voted to evict David. That leaves Spencer, Jeremy and Nick, with one of them voting out Elissa and two of them voting out David.

They agreed that Jeremy probably voted to evict Elissa, which must mean both Nick and Spencer voted to evict David (which is EXACTLY what happened). But the part that was tripping them up was figuring out why Spencer would tell her to vote out Elissa if he was going to vote out David.

Candice and Helen also began to question whether there’s some type of all-boys’ super alliance out there (“THERE IS,” I screamed at my computer). They seemed convinced that somehow Nick and Jeremy or Nick and Spencer, or maybe all three of them, are secretly working together. Seriously, they were THIS CLOSE to the truth.

However, they remained in the dark about Spencer’s motive. Why would they need Candice to vote out Elissa? Perhaps the secret genius of Nick and Spencer’s actual plan is that it’s so convoluted that it can’t be solved by logic. Nick could’ve easily voted to evict Elissa, Spencer could’ve told Candice to vote out David, and the end result would’ve been the same.

Candice and Helen were just about there, because they seemed to figure out that, for some mysterious and unknown reason, Spencer is conspiring with two big groups. But then their chat got broken up by Judd and that was the end of the thrilling Candice and Helen Investigation.

Later, Spencer tried to do damage control with Helen, telling her that he told Candice to lie about voting out David if anyone asked her. In other words, his goal is to convince Helen that Candice is lying to her about voting out Elissa and what Spencer said. The problem for him is that Candice was VERY convincing and everything she said made a lot of sense while Spencer is just telling Helen to take it on faith that he has her back and Candice is a liar. I think Spencer is betting on other people being a lot stupider than they really are, because underestimating Candice’s intelligence is proving to be dangerous..

This week is going to be very interesting, from a game perspective. With Candice and Helen getting dangerously close to the truth about the Moving Company (while Aaryn and Kaitlin are headed in the opposite direction, buying into the fiction the MC wanted them to believe), anything can happen.

Will the truth about the Moving Company be exposed? Will the MC be able to silence Candice and/or Helen before they do any real damage? Will Elissa be the MVP again as everyone assumes?

Keep coming back throughout the week for more Big Brother 15 spoilers to find out.

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