It’s time for the first live eviction of Big Brother 15, but that’s probably not why you’re tuning in. You’re tuning in to hopefully see if they show any of Aaryn’s racist comments (whether it’s her original comments, the petition to expel her from the house or her and GinaMarie being fired from their jobs).

Of course, there’s a lot more than just the controversy to see tonight. Between a master plan to blindside David and save Elissa, multiple showmances (Jeremy and Kaitlin, McCrae and Amanda, allegedly straight Nick constantly flirting with gay Andy) and some epic fights (Jeremy stealing red wine, Aaryn yelling at Candice for sitting on her hat), there was almost too much going on this week to fit into a single hour of TV, especially when there’s also an eviction vote and a new HoH competition. So let’s see what happens.

BUT FIRST…This is my Big Brother 15 live blog!

The lovely Julie Chen lets us know that emotions are running high and people’s “true colors” are showing. Oh Julie, you coy little minx.

After Elissa is nominated, she confesses to Andy that she’s Rachel Reilly’s sister and the MVP, two things he already assumed were true.

Jeremy and Kaitlin’s showmance begins when he rips his shirt open because he thinks it will be sexy. I know he’s a jerk and a tool, but it’s kind of endearing how impulsive and simple he is.

Red Wine Fight

When the Have-Nots are about to be able to eat again, everyone agrees to wait until midnight to drink the alcohol so they can have some. But Aaryn really wants to drink, so Jeremy gets the bottle of red wine and pours some for Aaryn, David and himself.

Midnight rolls around and the Have-Nots can eat and drink and start to wonder where the red wine is. Aaryn shows up and she’s angry that they’re giving her mean looks (which they aren’t really). She is the master at being offended when she’s in the wrong. She then lies to Jeremy about how the Have-Nots were acting, sending him in to stir up trouble.

Jeremy walks in and curses the Have-Nots out, proudly boasting that he drank all the red wine. Aaryn is so awful. Amanda walks outside to confront Jeremy, and he tells her to shut up and listen. This is a totally unnecessary fight. Helen cries inside as Jeremy goes off about being part Cherokee and how he needs to build a tepee and spear some buffaloes.

I know Jeremy is the one getting into the fight, but I really don’t blame him. He’s a big, dumb animal. Would you blame a bull for charging a red cape? No, the person at fault is Aaryn, who was waving that red cape in his face. I don’t know why, but I kind of love Jeremy’s particular style of being a major toolbag.

The Master Plan

Amanda slithers into McCrae’s bed like a man-eater. They start making out, and I’m kind of repulsed. I assume she’s doing this because she’s attracted to power, and if he wasn’t HoH, this showmance would NEVER happen.

Later, Amanda, Judd and Spencer talk about how Elissa will probably win MVP every week because she’s Rachel Reilly’s sister. They now want to “weaponize” the MVP by protecting her so they can use her to control the third nominee. It’s funny how little respect they have for her, and now Rachel’s fans will be inadvertently helping people who hate Elissa by voting for her as MVP.

The plan spreads throughout the Moving Company via Spencer to Nick to Jeremy. There’s a whole lot they’re not showing us about how this plan came together, particularly in terms of the new Mega Alliance (also called Area 51, Bad Dudez, Fartsville USA, the Outsiders and a bunch of other stupid names because they can’t agree on one). They also don’t show that Nick is a LOT more involved in the plan to save Elissa than it seems.

Julie Chats with the Houseguests

She asks a few generic questions, but it’s kind of annoying how much the actual issues are being avoided. I know the Jeremy fight painted Aaryn as a terrible person, but I’m kind of surprised that the show hasn’t addressed the racist comment controversy at all.

The Eviction Vote

Jessie’s nominee speech is dull. Elissa talks about how she’s been a target since day one and then gives a shout-out to Brenchel fans. I’m disgusted. David encourages people to vote for him so they can see him in a pink dress again.

Amanda votes to evict…David (and gets cheered).
Aaryn votes to evict…Elissa (and gets booed).
Nick votes to evict…David (and gets cheered).
Candice votes to evict…Elissa (the audience boos again, and they get shushed by producers).
Spencer votes to evict…David (now there’s no audience reaction).
Kaitlin votes to evict…Elissa.

OK, I’m not totally sure if the HGs can hear the audience reactions, but if so, this is really unfair. Obviously the audience was told to be quiet after four votes, which means Amanda, Aaryn, Nick and Candice could have more information about the show, namely that it’s being edited so that people hate David and love Elissa.

Helen votes to evict…David.
Howard votes to evict…David.
GinaMarie votes to evict…Elissa.
Judd votes to evict…David.
Jeremy votes to evict…Elissa.
Andy votes to evict…Elissa.

David is evicted by a vote of 7-5-0!

Now it’s acting time, as everyone who voted out David tries to pretend they’re shocked while those who evicted Elissa are genuinely shocked.

It’s also important to note that, while the show made it seem like Jeremy voted AGAINST the Moving Company, him voting to evict Elissa was a part of their plan.

In the exit interview, David is pretty easygoing and assumes people targeted him because he’s likeable. David picked up on Andy and Helen lying to him. David says he’s been waiting for a girl like Aaryn his whole life and somehow gets an “Aww” from the audience. He’s in for a rude awakening when he checks the Internet. Man, this dude is so sweet and innocent.

Goodbye Messages: Nick brags about his secret alliance, the Moving Company, and outs Jeremy as a member. Amanda says he’s gone because Aaryn is “the biggest bitch on the show.” All David is interested in is who the MVP is that nominated him. Wow, he really is stupid if he doesn’t already know it’s Elissa.

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The HoH Competition

Each HG randomly has a partner. It’s a team endurance challenge! They must transfer BBQ sauce back and forth to fill a jug, and if they fill a smaller jug, they can get bigger cups.

This is soooo confusing. Also, they cut the mic when Julie Chen was explaining who is HoH from the pair. And then they do it again. Come on, CBS, get your crap together.

But it turns out the winning pair will have to pick an HoH. It’s unclear what happens if they can’t agree.

The teams are:

Spencer and Helen
GinaMarie and Candice
Amanda and Kaitlin
Andy and Elissa
Nick and Judd
Aaryn and Jeremy
Howard and Jessie

Click HERE for my live blog of the HoH competition to see who wins.

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