After an explosive blindside on Big Brother 15, the second HoH competition began and it’s another endurance challenge. After hanging onto popsicles in the first challenge, now they HGs have another long road ahead of them to see who will be the second HoH.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 15 spoilers.

David was evicted by a vote of 7-5-0. Aaryn, Kaitlin, GinaMarie, Candice and Jeremy all voted to evict Elissa. Candice was told to by Spencer and Jeremy did it because the Moving Company wanted to maintain the illusion that five people were on David’s side, but he knew David was going home.

The HGs were randomly divided into pairs and must travel back and forth on a slippery surface, passing BBQ sauce to each other to fill up a jug. If they fill up a smaller jug first, they can get bigger cups to transport the sauce.

The winning pair will then have to decide which one of them is HoH. I’m not sure what happens if they can’t agree.

The teams are:

Spencer and Helen
GinaMarie and Candice
Amanda and Kaitlin
Andy and Elissa
Nick and Judd
Aaryn and Jeremy
Howard and Jessie

I’m curious how this will work. It seems like Judd, Howard and Amanda may want to sabotage themselves so their partners can’t win. Based purely on the people, I’d give the edge to Elissa and Andy or Jeremy and Aaryn. They’re the only two who are sort of on the same side except for Spencer and Helen, but fat guy and older lady don’t have a chance.

I know everyone HATES Aaryn, but I’m kind of rooting for her and Jeremy to win. It will make for the most interesting second week.

I’ll be updating throughout the competition. All times will be Big Brother 15 local time, which is PST.

6:20pm: The live feeds are still down, so there are no updates on how the competition is going.

6:30pm: Audio for the live feeds is up, but no video. Which makes figuring out who’s in the lead pretty hard.

6:31pm: It sounds like Nick and Judd filled up the small jug and now have the bigger cups. And then the audio turned back off.

6:34pm: The live feeds are up with sound AND picture!

6:36pm: Jeremy and Aaryn appear to be in the lead. They are ahead of Andy and Elissa, who are ahead of Amanda and Kaitlin.

6:41pm: Howard fell. I can’t really see how he and Jessie are doing, but I don’t imagine it’s very good.

6:43pm: Spencer and Helen are filling up the smaller jug and still don’t have it. They have no chance at victory.

6:44pm: It definitely seems like Jeremy and Aaryn are in the lead with Andy and Elissa nipping at their heels. Nick and Judd seem to be doing quite well with the bigger cups and could also be in it, but they’re behind now.

6:45pm: The live feeds are down again.

6:50pm: The live feeds are back again.

6:52pm: Howard and Jessie also filled the smaller jug, got the bigger cups, and are doing OK. Jeremy and Aaryn and Andy and Elissa are neck and neck, with Judd and Nick making up big ground with their bigger cups.

6:53pm: Amanda and Kaitlin are slowing down and are probably out of it. They’re about even with Nick and Judd and Nick, who have the bigger cups.

6:54pm: It’s definitely too close to call, with Jeremy and Aaryn, Andy and Elissa and maybe even Judd and Nick all having a decent shot.

6:55pm: The live feeds are down yet again.

6:59pm: And we’re back again!

7pm: Judd and Nick are coming on VERY strong with their bigger cups.

7:01pm: Andy can touch the ping-pong ball with his finger. Elissa is slowing down a bit, though.

7:01pm: Jeremy gets the ball! Jeremy and Aaryn win!

7:02pm: The live feeds are down, but I’ll still provide updates until we know who was chosen to be the HoH.

7:15pm: The live feeds are back and, obviously, tensions are high since the person who just got lied to by many, many people is in power.

7:17pm: Helen and Elissa are Have-Nots for the second week in a row.

7:20pm: There’s potential trouble for the Moving Company. Candice told Helen that Spencer told her to vote out Elissa, which he did. But their alliance’s plan was to have Candice vote out David. Instead, for the Moving Company, Spencer wanted Nick to vote out David and have Candice vote out Elissa so Nick could be covered with Aaryn, making her think he was the fifth vote and not Candice. This is going to create complete confusion as Aaryn tries to figure out who voted to evict David.

7:27pm: Aaryn is the HoH!

7:27pm: Aaryn also got to choose the Have-Nots for the week, and she chose Elissa, Helen, Andy and Candice. Elissa, Helen and Andy were also Have-Nots last week.

This is gonna be very, very interesting. It’s the worst-case scenario for Amanda, Andy, Elissa, Judd, Helen and all those other people who conspired to get Aaryn’s boyfriend out of the house.

MVP is going to be very important this week. I hope it’s not Elissa, because if it is, she’ll just put up someone in the Blonde-tourage (Nick or Jeremy). But the Moving Company may have to cut ties with the side alliance to save one of their own if that happens. There are a lot of possibilities depending on so many different factors, I can’t even imagine how it will go. All I know is that with this combo, the Moving Company is almost certainly going to be safe.

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