Every fan knows that at this point on Big Brother 15, the Power of Veto is all that matters. It can change everything and throw a real monkey wrench into the plans.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 15 spoilers.

Spencer is the HoH. He nominated McCrae and GinaMarie.

McCrae won the Power of Veto!

The competition was some type of puzzle, and it sounds like last year’s winner, Ian Terry, was the guest host. So much for my theory about Hayden Moss showing up to promote the new season of Survivor.

This certainly sucks for the Exterminators. It’s the one thing they didn’t want to happen because now, one of them is going to the jury house. Spencer will most likely put up Judd, leading to a tough choice. Spencer and Andy have already debated this choice of saving Judd or GM. They’ve gone back and forth, so it will be a toss-up as to what happens and who goes.

This is McCrae’s third Power of Veto win and will mark the third time in a row that he will be saved from nomination. That’s an impressive streak, as he will be heading into the Final 4 without ever being eligible for eviction. It’s also his fifth competition win, three more than anyone else left in the game.


-This is McCrae’s third Power of Veto win. There are only 10 other HGs who have won three or more PoVs in a single season. But perhaps most interesting is that none of them won the game. Of the 11 times someone has won three or more PoVs in a single season (Brendon Villegas did it twice), there are no winners and only two finalists, season 8’s Daniele Donato and season 10’s Memphis Garrett.

-This is the second time McCrae has won the Power of Veto as a nominee to save himself. He’s only the 13th person to do this. Elissa was the 12th earlier this season.

-McCrae has now been saved with the Power of Veto three times. He is only the fifth person to be saved three times. Season 4’s Alison Irwin, season 6’s James Rhine, season 7’s Janelle Pierzina and season 8’s Jen Johnson are the others.

-McCrae joins the ranks of HGs who won five or more competitions in a single season. He is the 13th person to do so, joining Aaryn from this season.

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