I’ve said plenty of times that Big Brother 15 has been a boring season. Almost every eviction this year has been set at least four days in advance. Sure, there’s been drama and paranoia, but at the end of the day, it always worked out as originally planned. But all of that could change following this week’s double eviction.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 15 spoilers.

To be perfectly honest, I have no idea who the real targets are, who the real alliances are and what anyone would actually do if they won HoH during the double eviction. All of the fake deals and alliances seem to have caught up with people, and it’s reaching the point where everyone has deals with everyone else, meaning deals will need to be broken.

Things reached a particularly fevered pitch Monday night as I quickly realized I have no idea what’s happening. There’s so much game talk that differentiating truth and lies is impossible. Here are a few conversations and rumors from Monday evening in the Big Brother 15, and you can decide what to believe.

-Aaryn is telling everyone who will listen that she now hates GinaMarie and can’t stand her. She thinks the HoH went to her head and GM has no strategic skills, so it’s impossible to talk game with her.

-Several people, including Amanda, McCrae and Helen, now want to backdoor Judd in the very near future. The feeling is that he’s been playing too hard, too fast, and is too smart and a dangerous threat in this game. This seems to stem largely from two weeks ago, when he made up the lie about Kaitlin going after Helen in order to convince everyone to get her out.

-However, Andy has also mentioned that he feels like maybe they’re all giving Judd too much credit, much like how they all gave Howard too much credit thinking he had a master plan when he obviously had none.

-Helen and Andy are the biggest offenders of saying “Too early” about any big move. They seem to think they need to keep Amanda around to help get rid of Judd and Spencer, so basically, neither of them really seems to want to do anything big themselves for the next few weeks, though they’d probably be OK with others doing it. The motto of this season is: Get other people to do your dirty work for you.

-Candice, who pretty much knows she’s leaving, has been spending a lot of time going over future game plans with Jessie. They’re convinced that Amanda, McCrae, Helen and Elissa are working together and that if Jessie wins HoH, she needs to nominate one person from each duo in order to split up the power.

-Jessie mentioned how annoying the MVP twist is and how much it’s screwed up the game, telling Candice “I want to play a real game of Big Brother.” I only mention this because I wrote an entire article detailing this exact complaint about how this isn’t a real game of Big Brother.

-There has also been speculation from several people (including Helen, Andy and Candice) that maybe McCrae is the MVP and put up Amanda as some super genius plan to try and separate himself from her. I’m sure tomorrow they’ll be saying GinaMarie is the MVP because she’s Enzo’s sister and is actually a secret Mensa member who is only pretending to be dumb.

-Andy and Amanda talked about how Spencer, Aaryn and Judd all need to go soon (it kind of loses all meaning when you list several different people as your top target). Amanda said she doesn’t trust Aaryn anymore. They also agreed that if they win HoH, Jessie and Spencer would be the nominees, with the possibility of backdooring Judd if the Power of Veto gets used. This would be especially true if it’s a double eviction, which they’re all thinking is a possibility.

-Judd and Spencer spoke about what they would do if they won HoH. They agreed that nominating Aaryn and GinaMarie is the safe choice, but a bigger move would be nominating Helen and Elissa, with the goal of evicting Helen.

-Andy and Amanda now want to form a five-person alliance with McCrae, Helen and Elissa. By my count, this is probably the 37th alliance Amanda, McCrae and Andy have made. Those three have made solid deals with the following individuals or groups:

-Judd (aka the Goof Troop)
-Judd and Aaryn
-Judd and Spencer
-Helen and Elissa
-Judd, Helen and Elissa (aka the Knockouts)

I’m probably missing a few, but you understand the confusion. I’m pretty sure Jessie and GinaMarie are the only people not in some formal alliance of six or less with Amanda, McCrae and Andy.

So I have no real clue what will happen on Thursday night because, quite frankly, everything could change at any time. The only thing I’m quite sure about is that, while every alliance shifts and friends become enemies, the core trio of Amanda, McCrae and Andy remains intact. They’re also the only three who I feel will definitely be safe this Thursday.

I feel like their loyalty to each other is the only true thing in this game, and sadly, despite all of the insanity and confusion and general mystery, I think those three will still be around at the end.

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