Last week on Big Brother 15, there was a very short-lived rebellion plot to evict Amanda. But it died as quickly as it was born and, when Amanda found out about it, she unleashed her wrath on Jessie and got her nominated this week. So there’s no way Jessie would ever try to mount a second rebellion, right?

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 15 spoilers.

Amanda is America’s MVP nominee again and Jessie won the Power of Veto.

And then Jessie tried to get rid of Amanda again. You have to admire her spunk, if not her timing.

Sadly, the plot was created and squashed in the span of a few hours. Here’s how it went down.

Jessie, Helen and Elissa: Jessie once again pushed to evict Amanda this week since they’ve been handed her nomination on a silver platter by the MVP. Elissa is on board because she likes Candice and wants to keep her. Helen actually seemed on board, though it might be because it sounds like she’s been getting cues from production in her diary room sessions that evicting Amanda would make people happy. The trick is getting the fourth vote, either Judd or Andy.

Helen and Andy: As always, here’s where the plan falls apart. Helen approached Andy about evicting Amanda this week, telling him that she’s heard rumors that they are planning to backdoor her in the future. Andy, as always, was reticent to do anything, explaining that Amanda and McCrae have been nothing but loyal to them and he feels they owe it to them to let them make it to the jury before making a move. This is the kind of idiotic thinking that gets you fifth place.

Andy the Rat: Naturally, Andy ran to Amanda, McCrae and Aaryn and told them all about the plot to evict Amanda this week (though Aaryn had actually overheard quite a bit of it). He’s proving to be a monumentally annoying player, as he seems to be doing everything in his power to let Amanda and McCrae win this game. This led to damage control, with Aaryn securing Judd’s vote (she’s been slowly taking the place of Jessie as his go-to gal) and Andy going back to Helen and Jessie. Meanwhile, Amanda sulked and cried about how people keep targeting her and how she doesn’t even know who’s nominating her.

Helen, Jessie and Andy: A few hours after Helen was totally on board with the plot, she and Andy explained to Jessie that it wasn’t going to happen. It was too early (Helen kept saying maybe next week). Jessie tried explaining that she feels she’s in the most danger because she was nominated this week, and she doesn’t want to go home next week simply because she didn’t at least try to make a preemptive move. Andy lied his butt off saying she has nothing to worry about, even though many people are saying Jessie needs to be the next one to go.

After this, everyone involved in the plot knelt down before Amanda and vowed to evict Candice. OK, there was no actual kneeling, but close enough. Everyone had to kiss the ring.

Theoretically, the plan could flare up again later this week, like herpes. The biggest flaw was doing it too soon, especially since the Power of Veto ceremony hasn’t even happened and Spencer isn’t the official replacement nominee yet. GinaMarie’s insanity has even caused her to consider putting up Judd, Andy or Elissa as the replacement nominee. GM’s idiocy could backfire since I feel like Spencer could be the most likely candidate to turn on Amanda, and if Andy or Judd go up, Jessie would simply have to rally Helen, Elissa and Spencer to make a move.

But it probably won’t happen. This is the kind of plan you hatch on a Tuesday or a Wednesday, not Sunday night. It gives Amanda’s minions too much time to fight back, and it gives Andy time to be the weasel that he is. Hopefully Helen will wise up since Andy’s duplicity has become fairly obvious. First he told Amanda about Jessie’s rebellion last week, which Amanda then mentioned to Jessie. Now, mere minutes after Helen talked to Andy about the plot to evict Amanda, Amanda was somehow worried that there’s a weird vibe in the house about getting rid of her.

Luckily, Elissa is somehow the one who has put the pieces together, telling Jessie that they need to be careful because Andy is more loyal to Amanda and McCrae than he is to them or Helen, and that she overheard Andy, Judd, McCrae and Amanda talking about working together. Yes, Elissa has uncovered the Goof Troop, although I’m not sure either of them will be able to do much with that information.

UPDATE: Sadly, the late night antics have proven deadly for the rebellion. Jessie tried to seduce Judd into voting with her, but later he shared all of her plans to Spencer, solidifying a deal with him, and then with Amanda and McCrae. Judd has seemingly solidified his allegiance to the Goof Troop with Amanda, McCrae and Andy, and that quartet is developing separate Final 5 deals with Aaryn and Spencer. In addition, though Jessie remains a target, they are now thinking that Helen and Elissa need to go up next as Helen is too smart and has now proven that she will eventually turn on Amanda.

All of this is setting the stage for a potentially exciting double eviction night. If Jessie wins HoH, or maybe even if Helen or Elissa win, that might be the perfect time to nominate McCrae and Amanda and get rid of Amanda, although Helen’s fear of making enemies might prevent such a bold maneuver. If not, odds are some combination of Jessie, Elissa, Helen, Spencer or GinaMarie will go up. Judd, Andy and Spencer all seem to think they can go to the Final 5 with Amanda and McCrae and THEN get rid of them.

On the bright side, Helen and Elissa are finally coming around to the realization that the time to get rid of Amanda is fast approaching. For their sakes, and for ours, I hope they don’t wait too long. Especially because Amanda isn’t even their biggest hurdle to winning the game, McCrae is. If Helen thought getting Jeremy out was difficult, wait until she really tries to go after McCrae and Amanda. And then Judd. And Aaryn. That’s a lot of people who not many others will nominate.

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