It’s hard to believe that tonight is the final episode of The Bachelorette Season 9, but after Brooks Forester left last week, can Desiree Hartsock get back on track on her journey to find love? 

What About Brooks? 

It was shocking to both Des and the audience when Brooks, Desiree’s front runner, told Des he was sending himself home, because his feelings were not where he thought they should be at this point in the process. Brooks was very open with the fact he wished he loved Des and that he was ready to propose, but unfortunately he was not quite there. This was crushing news to Desiree, who was prepared to tell Brooks that she in fact was very much in love with him, so to find out the feelings were not reciprocated was devastating.

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Once Brooks was honest with Desiree, she began to pour her heart out in one of the most candid moments ever to be filmed on The Bachelorette. Des revealed that she had always loved the wrong men and had never been loved back in a way she was deserving of. Now what will Desiree do? Will Brooks have a change of heart?

And, What will happen to Drew Kenney and Chris Siegfield? They both told Des they loved her and both posses the qualities that she is looking for in a husband. 

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Drew’s Chances: 

Drew is unbelievably sweet, and having had some trauma in his past with his father recovering from alcoholism and his sister’s handicap, he has learned to live life to the fullest. His passion and spontaneity are contagious. Also, who can forget that kiss in Barcelona! Drew has described Des as the girl of his dreams. A life with Drew would be full of the love, so will she be able to look past last week’s drama and move forward?

Chris’ Chances: 

And then there is Chris. Chris and Desiree had a connection from the beginning. They bonded over their mutual love of poetry and even began to write each other little love poems that they would read out loud on their dates. Both Des and Chris are very athletic and enjoy the outdoors. They would make a very fit couple! Chris also has been very open about his love and admiration of Des.

But, the main question remains, will Des continue with her quest to find love? Or, has Brooks left Des so broken hearted that she cannot go on? 

Your Prediction:

Tune in tonight at 8pm on ABC to find out!

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