On Big Brother 15, there’s a clear divide between targets and power players. Jessie has been nominated three times. Spencer has been nominated four times. Meanwhile, Andy and McCrae have never been nominated while Amanda and GinaMarie have only been nominated by America as the MVP. Without the MVP, nominations are more crucial than ever before.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 15 spoilers.

Andy is the new HoH. He nominated Jessie and Spencer.

Yawn. This brings Jessie up to four nominations and Spencer to an impressive five. Jessie is the obvious target, but there are really three ways this week could go and only three people in any real danger.

Jessie: This would definitely be the easy way to go and it’s what Andy is telling everyone except her. It’s clearly what “the house” wants and sending her home would be really easy for Andy because he wouldn’t make any enemies. It’s the kind of safe, boring, weak move this season is built upon, evicting someone with no allies, no competitive skills and no chance of winning.

Spencer: There’s already been some talk about trying to get rid of Spencer instead of Jessie, mostly by the four girls who are Have-Nots this week: Aaryn, GinaMarie, Helen and Elissa. The problem is doing so would upset Andy, McCrae and Amanda, and since the goal every week is to do whatever the house wants, they probably won’t risk dividing the house. There have been rumblings about a potential all-girls alliance all season, and since everyone knows women only win this game if they’re sitting next to another woman at the end, getting rid of one of the three remaining guys would be a smart move. Andy has promised Spencer that he would be safe no matter what and that he’s not expendable, but the five nominations beg to differ.

GinaMarie: There has already been talk of getting rid of GM. If Jessie or Spencer wins the Power of Veto, GM would be Andy’s replacement. After all, he’s in very solid alliances with all the other HGs: Amanda, McCrae, Aaryn, Helen and Elissa. Andy has already said that if he does put GM up, he would want her gone because he knows she cannot be reasoned with, and she will nominate him if she stays and wins HoH because he nominated her. Yes, everyone thinks GM would be that petty and short-sighted, and they’re right.

Those are really the only three ways this week could go. There’s a fourth, more daring option that would involve backdooring Helen the same way Aaryn just backdoored Judd, since Amanda and McCrae already see her as a huge threat. But I’m not sure Andy would be willing to do that, just like he’s not willing to put up Amanda or McCrae.

We’ve reached a point in the game where the two big pairs, Amanda and McCrae and Helen and Elissa, are so feared that no one wants to go after them because whichever one stayed in the game would come after the person who nominated them. No one seems to see the obvious flaw in this logic, which is that it means you can NEVER go after them.

The only glimmer of hope is that Helen and Andy talked about how this is still not the right time to go after Amanda and McCrae, but that if Helen wins HoH next week, she WOULD nominate them, with the goal of getting rid of McCrae because he’s going to be harder to beat. Similarly, McCrae and Amanda are already planning to get rid of Helen next week. So potentially we’ll have one more boring week, and then war.

The Most Nominated HGs Ever

Since Spencer is now at his fifth nomination, I thought I’d offer up a list of the other HGs who have achieved such a remarkable number of noms. While some people have been eligible for eviction other times (such as not winning the last HoH at the Final 3), this list ONLY reflects Spencer’s accomplishment of actually being chosen as a nominee by the HoH.

Curtis Kin (season 1): Marked for Banishment 5 times

Amy Crews (season 3): Nominated 6 times

Janelle Pierzina (season 6): Nominated 5 times

Erika Landin (season 7): Nominated 5 times

Sharon Obermueller (season 9): Nominated 6 times

Rachel Reilly (season 13): Nominated 5 times

Frank Eudy (season 14): Nominated 6 times

In addition, Spencer has already survived three eviction votes, but he has to maintain his position as a pawn a few more times to reach the record. Season 14’s Danielle Murphree, season 9’s Sharon, season 7’s Erika and season 1’s Curtis and winner Eddie McGee were all eligible to be evicted five times without actually going home.

Will Jessie be evicted? Will the girls rally against Spencer? Will one of them win PoV, leading to GM getting backdoored? Will I reach my hand into my computer screen to slap some sense into Andy and make him realize that if he goes to the Final 5 with Aaryn, Amanda, McCrae and Helen like he’s planning, then he will definitely lose to anyone he might sit next to at the end?

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