The battle to become the final HoH on Big Brother 15 is on. After McCrae was evicted, Andy, Spencer and GinaMarie began their quest to be the last HoH and decide who comes with them to the finale and who goes out in third place.

The final HoH of Big Brother 15 is played in three parts. All three HGs compete in part 1, and the winner automatically goes to part 3. In part 2, the two remaining HGs compete, with the winner moving on to play the winner of part 1 on Wednesday’s live finale. That’s when we’ll see part 3, with the winner immediately choosing who to evict, followed by the Final 2 speaking to the jury before the vote to decide the winner.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 15 spoilers.

The live feeds returned a little after 9pm PT, at which point the first part of the final HoH competition was underway. It’s an endurance challenge involving the HGs in skates hanging onto a bar while going in circles.

Based on what Spencer said later, it must’ve just started when the feeds returned and after six minutes, Spencer was out. Another 12 minutes later, Andy was out. So the whole thing probably lasted about 20-25 minutes, maximum.

GinaMarie won Part 1 of the Final HoH!

Good for her. I figured it would be either her or Andy taking the endurance. Now Andy goes against Spencer in part 2, which is typically some type of skill involving memory of events. I have to give a huge edge to Andy on that one.


-In the 13 seasons this format has been used, the HG who wins the first part has gone on to win the final HoH nine times. Of the four times when the winner of the first part did not win the final HoH, two finished in third (season 8’s Zach Swerdzewski and season 11’s Kevin Campbell) and two finished in second (season 7’s Erika Landin and season 14’s Dan Gheesling).

-However, only five winners of the game also won the first part of the final HoH. Seven of the eventual winners did it by winning the second part of the final HoH. Only one person (season 6’s Maggie Ausburn) won the game without winning any part of the final HoH.

-There have only been four seasons where the winner of the final HoH did not also win the game. They are season 2’s Nicole Schaffich, season 4’s Alison Irwin, season 6’s Ivette Corredero and season 9’s Ryan Quicksall.

-Only four people have ever made it to the Final 2 without winning any part of the final HoH. They are season 3’s Danielle Reyes, season 6’s Maggie Ausburn, season 8’s Daniele Donato and season 11’s Natalie Martinez.

-There have been four previous seasons where the Final 3 consisted of two men and one woman, seasons 5, 8, 9 and 14. In all of those seasons, both men won the first two parts of the final HoH, and in both seasons, one of the men won. In other words, GM’s win makes this the first time that a woman has beaten two men in the first part of the final HoH. So far, season 8’s Daniele Donato is the only woman to make it to the Final 2 when competing against two men in the Final 3.

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