Big Brother 15 fans, I’m trying to find something to be excited about this season, but it’s becoming difficult. The third week was painfully dull as the outcome was inevitable from the moment it began. Everyone wanted to backdoor Jeremy, and now they have. Despite what they might say, there was never anything he could’ve said or done to change their minds.

The worst part is that there are only four people really playing this game: McCrae, Amanda, Andy and Judd. They’ve cozied up to MVP Elissa and her BFF Helen, ensuring that they can control this season’s twist and basically guarantee themselves an easy path to the end that requires very little actual work. And since everyone else in the house is busy being racist/resisting the urge to slap Aaryn in her ignorant face/mourning Nick, it just makes it even easier for the foursome to coast to the end.

Last week they evicted the only person who could’ve conceivably plotted a strategy to defeat them, and this week they’re taking out the only real competitive threat. It’s a bit like season 14, only if Britney, Dan, Shane and Danielle were able to evict Ian and Frank in the first three weeks.

Tonight on Big Brother 15 we say goodbye to another houseguest (who, spoiler alert, is going to be Jeremy) and then we’ll get a new HoH. But that doesn’t matter because Elissa is going to win MVP for a fourth week in a row and will be able to subvert the HoH’s will if she so chooses.

BUT FIRST…this is my Big Brother 15 live blog!

Julie Chen, the not-Emmy nominated reality host, welcomes us after yet another view discretion warning. I’ve grown weary of the show claiming that the power shifted last week. I know Helen and Elissa were on the block, but they’ve had all the power from day one. There are no actual power shifts this season.

Futile Campaigning

Helen squeals about how Jeremy is “FINALLY” going home. I know I said this a thousand times last night, but it’s only week 3. It’s not like this has been a long, arduous, difficult process. Get some perspective, crazy lady.

Aaryn claims that Jeremy is being discriminated against because he’s a winner and is good at competitions. I know he was also a bully, but she’s not wrong.

Jeremy’s “campaign” strategy is to show people his softer side, which includes putting on GinaMarie’s baby costume (complete with a diaper) from the week 2 Power of Veto competition. He talks to Amanda and McCrae, and she is blunt about the fact that he’s going home because he wins too much. McCrae and Judd are more tactful, saying that they’ll think about it. Those are lies.

Aaryn goes on a charm offensive, pretending to be nice so people won’t hate her. Good luck with that, because the people in this house are very unforgiving. Also, they can see through how fake it all is.

Jeremy meets up with Helen and Elissa and makes a hard-sell, promising that he would NEVER go against them and would compete to do whatever they want. It’s an attractive offer. He even says he’d nominate Aaryn and Kaitlin over Helen and Elissa. He also promises to completely change his attitude and be a different man. I actually believe him.

What they don’t show is that, as soon as he leaves, Helen and Elissa both said that saving Jeremy was not an option.

Prank Time

Aaryn and Amanda (as well as everyone else) are tired of GinaMarie sobbing over Nick, so they decide to steal and hide all of Nick’s possessions GinaMarie has collected in a shrine. GinaMarie does not find this amusing and immediately starts crying about it. She “needs” Nick’s things. I know GM is nuts, but this is pretty cruel. Amanda caves and gives GM back the things, explaining that it’s a joke. Aaryn thought it was great. She really is the worst, causing all the drama (see her winding up Jeremy during the red wine fight).

Everyone now agrees that Aaryn is mean-spirited. But that changes nothing. Welcome to Big Brother 15, a show where someone who seems to have genuinely changed and become a better person has to go home while a vicious, mean-spirited snot who everyone hates gets to stay. Amanda was right, this show ISN’T fair.

Julie Chats with the HGs

Candice says that she’s moved on from her fight with Aaryn “in the true spirit of forgiveness.” That’s a great answer, but I don’t believe it.

Meet the McManda Parents

Now we get a segment where we meet the parents of real-estate agent Amanda and pizza boy McCrae. McCrae’s dad is incredibly proud of his boy for hooking up with a hot older lady. Amanda’s parents are less thrilled about the relationship and are just kind of resigned to the fact that their daughter is a powerful lady who has dated a lot of different kinds of guys. I think her dad just called Amanda a slut. Her mom secretly hopes McCrae is actually a CEO.

The Eviction

Jeremy claims he’s a champion when he “eats, sleeps and poops” and says there are no hard feelings. Aaryn thanks her family. Spencer gives a shout-out to his work, Union Pacific Railroad, which he doesn’t know condemned him for his comments.

Candice votes to evict…Jeremy
Andy votes to evict…Jeremy
Howard votes to evict…Jeremy
Elissa votes to evict…Jeremy
Kaitlin votes to evict…Spencer
GinaMarie votes to evict…Jeremy
Amanda votes to evict…Jermy (ugh, I hate this woman)
McCrae votes to evict…Jeremy
Jessie votes to evict…Jeremy
Judd votes to evict…Jeremy

Jeremy is evicted 9-1-0!

I need to say, I hate how Julie Chen makes it seem like Andy and Judd are a mystery and their votes are up in the air. This week they formalized a Final 4 alliance with Amanda and McCrae called the Goof Troop and a six-person alliance with Helen and Elissa called the Knockouts. I think the show is trying to hide this fact because they don’t want viewers to know just how dull and predictable this season has become.

Jeremy hugs everyone and is a total class-act. He calls Kaitlin his “princess” then walks out. Amanda shouts “We love you, Jeremy,” which is funny since she just called him “Jermy” a few minutes ago.

Jeremy tells Julie he needs to humble down a little bit, but he’s still leaving the house a different man because of Kaitlin. He also thinks people just think he’s a bully because he’s big with tattoos and he looks intimidating. YES! Man, this is so annoying because he is clearly a better person and deserves to be in the house far more than many other HGs.

The goodbye messages are mostly mean. Helen claims he could’ve won if he had a better attitude. That’s a lie, he still would’ve been viewed as a huge threat just because of his size.

The New MVP Twist

This week there is no MVP. Instead, America will vote for the third nominee. Yeah, this isn’t really any better, because obviously it’s going to be Aaryn. And if she wins HoH or is one of the two nominees, it’ll probably be GinaMarie. Come on, CBS, stop letting America vote for stuff! Also, what happens if the third nominee wins the Power of Veto? Will the HoH make the replacement nomination, or will it automatically be the person with the next largest number of votes?

The HoH Competition

It’s time for the HGs to predict who America voted for to win various royal titles.

Earl of Egotism, Aaryn or Jessie: Aaryn. Everyone is right.
Lord of Laziness, Judd or McCrae: McCrae. Andy, Amanda, Candice and Elissa are out.
Baron of Boneheads, Spencer or GinaMarie: GinaMarie. Everyone is right.
Knight of Naughtiness, Amanda or Kaitlin: Amanda. Everyone is right.
Duke of Dork, Andy or Helen: Andy. Aaryn, Jessie and GinaMarie are out.
Sultan of Sexy, Elissa or Howard: Elissa. Howard and Spencer are out.

Judd, Kaitlin and McCrae go to the tie-breaker.

How many gallons were needed to fill the vats in this week’s milk Have-Not competition?

Judd is the new HoH!

Well, the power still rests in the hands of the people in charge. I suspect Aaryn and GinaMarie could be nominated, though it might be Kaitlin since she’s clearly quite good at competitions, winning the Power of Veto and making it to the tie-breaker two weeks in a row.

Julie ends the night by warning everyone to “Expect the Unexpected” when it comes to the MVP nominee this week. Ugh, I kind of hate when Julie does this. The last time she gave a cryptic clue, it was in season 13 when Kalia won HoH, and that led to Lawon voluntarily getting evicted so he could come back with a “special power.”

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