Fans who watch the Big Brother 15 have been eagerly awaiting the first big fight of the season. We’ve had a few tiny skirmishes, but nothing on par with last season when Willie went off on Frank (remember the Fruit Loops?).

Well, now the Big Fight has arrived, and it’s all about red wine. And tepees. It should go without saying that Jeremy is at the center.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 15 spoilers.

Here’s how the fight started. Sunday at midnight, the Have-Nots for the week were finally allowed to eat normal food again, so everyone agreed to save their nightly alcohol delivery for them. This is the first time they could drink the beer and wine all week, so it was a kind gesture by everyone.

Well, everyone except Jeremy. He took the lone bottle of red wine and decided to drink it all by himself, sharing some glasses with Aaryn, David and Jessie. A drunken Jeremy then proudly boasted about drinking their wine because he believes people like Andy, Elissa and Helen, who were Have-Nots, have been throwing out his name to target next week.

Once midnight rolled around and Elissa and Helen started asking about where the red wine was, it was on. Jeremy was more than happy to take all the blame and even yelled at the Have-Nots for being inconsiderate to him. Yes, the guy who drank all of their red wine called them inconsiderate. The best part is that no one was really that mad and they didn’t want to turn it into something.

The real fireworks happened twice. First, Amanda went outside to yell at Jeremy. But Jeremy just yelled back at her, going on a wonderfully insane rant about his Cherokee roots, saying that he’s going to scalp people, build a tepee and spear some buffaloes (with Helen, Elissa and Candice as the buffalos).

He also repeatedly boasted about how he’s definitely going to win the next HoH competition (and all of the competitions for the rest of the season), but even the people in his own alliance tried to explain that he’s only going to have a 1 in 14 chance, and if it’s a True/False quiz, his big, strong muscles won’t help at all.

The second part of the fight came when Kaitlin waited patiently to yell at Jeremy, her pseudo boyfriend in the house. She was in the diary room when Jeremy initially took the wine and was angry when she learned about it because he’s screwing up her game and their side.

Kaitlin tried to explain to Jeremy that his actions have split the house and now there’s a chance David could go home. Obviously she doesn’t know that Jeremy is part of the Moving Company, which has already decided that David IS going home. Now David is a little upset because their side thinks the vote is now going to be 6-5 (because they somehow don’t realize there are 12 votes and not 11 this week).

The whole thing is positively confusing. This kind of blow-up does absolutely nothing for the Moving Company and seems like an irrational, drunk 23-year-old who doesn’t know how to play this game.

In the aftermath, Andy did damage control by talking it through with Jeremy (most likely so he can make the Blonde-tourage side believe he’s with them for when the vote goes against David). Kaitlin was furious at Jeremy for screwing up her game and Amanda explained to her side (especially Helen) that this crap doesn’t matter because they know the game better than those crazy kids and they also have the numbers.

In the end, Jeremy apologized to Helen, who was crying the whole time. His “apology” was half-assed and he even added that he did it because the people Helen hangs out with (Elissa) are throwing out his name as a target next week. He added that she shouldn’t blame people like Aaryn and David for his actions, which ius the kind of meaningless nonsense that will accomplish nothing.

When Helen got to talk, she accepted the apology and she wants to have a good experience and compete, but she doesn’t want to waste time on this petty crap. She then tried to explain that despite his intel, neither she nor Andy have thrown out his name as a target.

Basically, Jeremy is talking about the obvious divide between the Blonde-tourage (Jeremy, Kaitlin, Jessie, David, Aaryn, GinaMarie, Nick) and the Mega Alliance (Helen and her group of eight), not realizing that it’s supposed to be subtext until Wednesday’s live eviction.

Even better, as Jeremy was apologizing, in another room Aaryn and Candice were rehashing their “Candice sat on Aaryn’s hat” fight. The Mega Alliance is already solid and unbreakable, but they’re even happier now that the other side is imploding on itself.

The saga concluded with most of the Mega Alliance in the HoH room talking about how awful Jeremy and Aaryn are, with Amanda speaking loudly like always about how much she hates Aaryn. And when McCrae told her to use an inside voice because people outside might hear her, she threatened to harpoon him in the face. So it was a fun night all around.

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