If Tuesday night in the Big Brother 15 house doesn’t convince you that Elissa is just plain bad at this game, then nothing will. A series of uncomfortable confrontations led to secrets being spilled and causing two different people in Elissa’s own alliance to call her a “selfish, crazy robot” and “the s****iest Big Brother player ever.” With friends like that, who needs me to pile on?

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 15 spoilers.

Here’s the background info you need to know: Elissa was the third nominee, won the Power of Veto, and now GinaMarie is on the block with Kaitlin and Aaryn. Over the weekend, Judd, Andy, McCrae, Amanda, Helen and Jessie all agreed that Kaitlin needs to be evicted because she’s a more dangerous competitor and they think she’s in an alliance with Howard and Spencer. It’s worth noting that Howard and Spencer did form a five-person alliance with Kaitlin, GinaMarie and Judd, which is one of nearly half a dozen alliances Howard and Spencer have formed over the past few days.

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Despite already having the five votes necessary to get this done, the group wanted Elissa to be on board with their plan since she’s a part of their alliance. Elissa was very resistant, instead wanting Aaryn to go because of her racist remarks (Elissa is clearly playing a very personal game). After much cajoling, Elissa agreed to the plan.

Or did she? On Tuesday afternoon, Elissa approached Kaitlin to warn her about the fact that people are rallying to evict her, then she asked if Kaitlin is in an alliance with Howard and Spencer (information she only could’ve gotten from Judd). Kaitlin denied this, but during their conversation Aaryn’s name was mentioned, and Aaryn was listening in the whole time. She went back to the HoH room to spill the beans about Elissa spilling the beans (Helen had already told Aaryn that she’s safe this week, also telling her everyone in their alliance).

All of this led to a massive group meeting to discuss who said what, with Elissa getting very testy with Aaryn, denying that she ever said Aaryn’s name (she did). Elissa also claims she never even talks about Aaryn ever (also a lie, as one of the ONLY things Elissa does is talk about how much she hates Aaryn because of the racist comments). Kaitlin also lied in denying her alliance with Howard and Spencer, though no one came to Elissa’s defense because it would out Judd.

The whole thing was just insane, coming a few hours after Elissa had already begun crying and threatening to self-evict when she mistakenly thought McCrae and Andy were laughing about her religion. They weren’t, and only a truly delusional person could’ve taken it that way.

Basically, Elissa outed the planned blindside of Kaitlin and the fact that Judd told her about Kaitlin being in an alliance with Howard and Spencer, totally screwing over the six other people in her alliance and painting giant targets on their backs. It’s unclear if she did this out of sheer stupidity and inability to play the game, or if she’s trying to force her own alliance to revisit their decision and evict Aaryn instead. Maybe it’s some elaborate temper tantrum, like when a kid lays down in a toy store until his mommy buys him the present he wants.

The best part was the aftermath. McCrae, Jessie and Andy retired to the HoH room to discuss how truly insane Elissa is. Andy called her a “malfunctioning robot” as well as a “selfish, crazy robot.” Jessie called her “the s****iest player in Big Brother history.” McCrae added that she’s like an animatronic character, only able to repeat the same thing over and over again and incapable of having a reasonable discussion.

They all agreed that Kaitlin still has to go this week, even if Elissa votes the other way, and that Elissa needs to go next week because she’s just endangering their games because she’s such a loose cannon.

McCrae even pointed out that Howard must be praying to the right God, because Elissa’s meltdown now makes her a bigger target than he already was.

Everybody in the house is in agreement that Elissa is a crazy person and needs to go. She’s just not good at this game. It’s now obvious that my initial judgments about her were correct and that she definitely should’ve been gone in week 1. But thanks to the MVP twist, the HGs decided to save her in hopes that her value would outweigh her negative qualities. That is no longer the case, probably because she’s already done enough damage helping them get rid of David, Nick and Jeremy.

Now I find myself in an awkward position, because I think I’m rooting for Elissa to win the next HoH and just blow up the entire game by nominating McCrae and Andy or some such pair in the alliance she now hates. It would be a fitting punishment for the HGs who used her for three weeks for their own personal benefit without actually caring about her as a player.

Still, I’m frustrated that it’s gotten this far, primarily due to the MVP twist, which was the only reason many HGs even wanted to keep Elissa in the first place. Between this and Willie Hantz last season, I hope the producers realize that casting relatives of CBS reality stars is just a bad idea.

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