What happens when you combine alcohol, boredom and a free-spirited woman on Big Brother 15? Bare breasts with nipples covered by Band-Aids.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 15 spoilers.

On Sunday evening, 28-year-old Florida real estate agent Amanda Zuckerman had a little bit to drink and the result was some wacky antics.

Amanda decided to show off her bare breasts, but to make it more appropriate, she covered her nipples with Band-Aids. First she went up to the HoH room to show her handiwork to Aaryn, GinaMarie and Nick. She wore a towel and then seductively dropped it, revealing nothing but her bare breasts (enhanced with implants, as she let us know on Sunday’s episode) covered with the Band-Aids.

She then encouraged Aaryn, GinaMarie and Jessie to do the same, but they would only get into bikinis with high heels.

The ladies then went into the backyard where everyone was hanging out, with Jeremy and Spencer leading the catcalls and cheering to see some boobies.

Amanda did a little striptease, ultimately showing off her Band-Aid-covered breasts to everyone. Then GinaMarie took it a step further, jiggling Amanda’s breasts up and down, then motorboating them.

Amanda then spent nearly 30 minutes outside, in the hot tub and on the couches, casually talking to everyone while her breasts were just hanging out. At one point the robotic voice of production even said, “Amanda, please attach your microphone to your shirt. ZING!”

The whole thing was quite wild and surreal and definitely provided a distraction from the game. And unless Big Brother 15 plans on using black bars, I suspect this evening won’t appear on Wednesday’s episode.

It also made me realize that Amanda is a wine-loving Florida real estate agent who does crazy things and is dating a younger guy (the 28-year-old Amanda is making out with 23-year-old McCrae in the house). In other words, she’s the real-life embodiment of Jules Cobb, Courteney Cox‘s character on Cougar Town.

If you want to see some photos of Amanda’s crazy, topless evening, click HERE. It should go without saying that the pictures are quite NSFW.

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