On Survivor, the term Pagonging refers to the post-Merge phenomenon where one tribe systematically votes out the other tribe one by one. It’s named after the show’s first season, where the five members of the Pagong tribe who went into the Merge were then voted out over the next five Tribal Councils. It’s why the middle of the season is typically boring and predictable.

Big Brother 15 has started off with a massive Pagonging. As part of his master plan, Nick created two sides of the house, one of which was the Blonde-tourage, consisting of himself, David, Aaryn, Jeremy, Kaitlin and GinaMarie. You’ll notice that three of them have already been evicted and the other three are nominated tonight.

It’s kind of like the start of season 13, when the Regulators (Keith, Cassi, Dominic and Lawon) were four of the first five evicted HGs. I’ll spare you the lecture on how these two seasons are similar because they both have tons of producer manipulation to ensure the safety of a Reilly sister, but that’s only because I assume you already know that tune by heart.

And so, after an exciting week filled with paranoia, changing allegiances, fake alliances and tons of insanity, the end result is another predictable eviction of someone who was on the losing side from day one.

BUT FIRST…this is my Big Brother 15 live blog!

Julie Chen lets us know that Aaryn was the overwhelming favorite to be America’s MVP nominee, but since she was already up, Elissa was the second choice and GinaMarie was third. I’m happy to know Kaitlin wasn’t in the top three, not that it means anything.

Campaign Time

Aaryn tries to make a deal with Judd and Jessie to put up whoever they want and do anything to protect them. It’s basically the same deal Jeremy tried to make last week, but since she’s not a big, strong man, they like it. Aaryn also throws Kaitlin under the bus as being a stronger competitor.

Helen and Elissa show up and ask Judd who he wants out. He explains that Kaitlin is a strong competitor, and Aaryn is so hated and has said such terrible things that no one would want to be associated with her, so she’ll always be a target. Elissa doesn’t like any of this and wants Aaryn out because she’s a bad person and has said racist stuff. So basically, being a nicer person and a better player means you have to go, while making derogatory comments keeps you safe. Paula Deen could easily win this entire game.

Judd proves his “loyalty” to that phony Grasshoppers alliance by immediately telling Candice and Howard that he wants Kaitlin out.

Aaryn meets up with Helen to talk about how to get Elissa on board with keeping her, so she offers to throw the next HoH competition, or nominate whoever Elissa wants if she wins. Helen tries to sell this to Elissa, but she’s adamant about not wanting to keep a mean racist.

Judd then tells Helen and Andy all about his fake alliance with Kaitlin, GinaMarie, Howard and Spencer. He claims that he’s “jumping ship,” but live feed watchers know that he’s sticking with his previous alliances, the Goof Troupe and the Knockouts. I’m still annoyed that the show is pretending that those don’t exist or that Judd ever had any intention of sticking with the Grasshoppers.

Nobody Can Keep a Secret

Helen immediately tells Elissa, Amanda and McCrae about the Grasshoppers and makes them promise not to tell anyone else.

So Elissa runs to Kaitlin and asks if she has a deal with Spencer and Howard. Elissa wants to call a house meeting to see who’s telling the truth and who’s lying.

Aaryn overhears this conversation and runs to Helen, because she’s worried Elissa is trying to keep Kaitlin. Helen is confused about why Elissa is causing drama and screwing everything up.

Kaitlin tells Howard and Spencer about what Elissa told her. This is how you know nobody in the house could possibly be MVP this week, because no one can keep a secret for more than an hour.

Helen confronts Elissa, who denies telling anything to Kaitlin. Aaryn walks in and Elissa wants to know why she’s butting in on her chat with Kaitlin. Kaitlin, Howard, Spencer, Andy and Judd show up too in order to hash things out.

Elissa refuses to say who told her about Kaitlin’s alliance with Howard and Spencer (it was Helen via Judd). Kaitlin, Howard and Spencer all deny it. Aaryn gets upset that she’s being thrown under the bus and has an awkward confrontation with Elissa. The whole thing is just so pointless and ridiculous.

Julie Chats with the HGs

Julie asks Judd about his grizzly bear shirt, and I refuse to believe Twitter is actually abuzz over it. We get to see the fro-yo comp and everyone cheers GinaMarie’s awesome ability to inhale it in one steady stream. It truly is an instantly classic moment in the history of Big Brother.

The Eviction

Aaryn talks about how badly she wants to be in the game. Kaitlin is nice and gracious. GinaMarie says she has a big heart and a bad accent, then talks about how she has weaknesses. Finally, she sends love to Nick.

Amanda votes to evict…Kaitlin
McCrae votes to evict…Kaitlin
Helen votes to evict…Kaitlin (but at least she’s sad about it)
Candice votes to evict…Kaitlin (she’s also sad about it)
Elissa votes to evict…Kaitlin (sadly, sadly, sadly)
Spencer votes to evict…Kaitlin
Howard votes to evict…Kaitlin
Andy votes to evict…Kaitlin
Jessie votes to evict…Kaitlin

Kaitlin is evicted 9-0-0!

It’s the first unanimous vote of the season. I guess I have to respect people making a strategic decision over a personal one, but seriously, Aaryn is the worst and I want her gone so CBS can stop running that viewer discretion warning.

Kaitlin is a little angry and ran out quickly, because everyone lied to her face. Again. She’s not really mad, she’s just hurt by Andy the most because she thought he had her back. Julie tells Kaitlin that she, Aaryn and GM are being called the Mean Girls. She’s upset, but she admits those were some catty girls. Julie gives Kaitlin an out by putting all the blame on Aaryn as the ringleader and leading Kaitlin to say Aaryn’s bad behavior rubbed off on her. Kaitlin has a good attitude about leaving.

Goodbye Messages: Helen says Aaryn made the house an offer they couldn’t refuse. Everyone seems to give Kaitlin a pass on just getting in bed with bad people, particularly Jeremy and Aaryn.

The MVP Twist

Once again, America is the MVP and will get to put up the third nominee. Since we already know Aaryn, Elissa and GinaMarie were the top three last week, this should be kind of predictable. I know CBS really wants that $1 per text message, but can’t we just end this dumb twist already like they did with coaches, dynamic duos or the season 9 couples?

The HoH Competition

Last night the HGs got to practice a game, and now it’s time to play for real. They must drop a ball down a ramp onto a roulette wheel. The highest number out of 36 wins.

Andy gets…23
McCrae gets…28
GinaMarie gets…3
Candice gets…27
Spencer gets…34
Aaryn gets…36! (now someone can only tie)
Howard gets…17
Jessie gets…2
Helen gets…28
Amanda gets…1
Elissa gets…0

Aaryn is the new HoH! Again.

Hahahahahahaha! I literally can’t stop laughing. The racist who everyone hates and who should’ve gone home this week has won HoH for a second time! It’s like the ultimate “F.U.” to everyone in the entire universe who wants her gone.

Now we get to see if you can really trust the Texas tornado. She’s promised to do whatever her new BFFs (Helen, Amanda, McCrae) want, which is to put up Howard and Spencer. Will she do it? Will Elissa be the third nominee again?

Julie and Jeff

Jeff Schroeder comes out for a quick interview. Jeff does not think Aaryn will hold up her end of the deal with Helen. Jeff says that he always honors deals, but he’s lost so maybe that’s not the best strategy.

Jeff adds that he’s still with Jordan, but there’s still no engagement. His only comment is “We’re almost there.”

Jeff also thinks McCrae is playing the best game because he has Amanda as a target in front of him. He then says he also likes Amanda. What?

I don’t really understand why we’re getting this filler. Maybe they just wanted to balance all the Aaryn hate by bringing back the most beloved HG ever. I still think it’s possible he’s being groomed to replace Julie Chen as the host of Big Brother.

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