One by one, the promising contestants drop like flies from the MasterChef competition. Well, all but one. Krissi just will not go away. She’s like that bad knee sprain that you got back in high school that just keeps coming back. Maybe a challenge in the wilderness will take the obnoxious chef way out of her element.

Yes, tonight we follow the final eight contestants into the great outdoors as Gordon, Graham and Joe judge them on an overnight camping adventure. This one should definitely separate the real deals from the wannabes!

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Bri, Jordan, Jessie, Natasha, Lucca, Eddie, James and Krissi meet their hosts in the middle of, well, nowhere. It’s a vast space of fresh foliage and absolutely no kitchens. What on earth is a Master Chef in training supposed to do here?

Team Challenge: Using only what is provided in a case, each team must prepare a restaurant worthy dish. Plus, they’ll be spending the night in team camps. 

Team captains, by having the top dishes last week, Bri and Natasha choose their teams wisely.

Team Bri




Team Natasha




It’s pretty obvious where Krissi is going to go after she speaks her mind about the opposing team captain. “I hate Bri,” she says with a laugh. Well, the joke is on both of you because this challenge comes with a twist. Joe explains that every master chef is expected to be able to work with EVERYONE, therefore, the captains will now switch teams. 

So now the teams have been assigned and Bri has the opportunity to assign protein. She and her Blue Team will take the three rabbits while Natasha’s Red Team will have six pigeons. It’s now off to camp with them as they brainstorm over what, or how rather, they’ll be able to pull off a gourmet meal where there is no gourmet anything.

By morning, Bri has rounded up her troops and inspired them with the idea of braised rabbit with quail egg pasta. Pasta, you say? Yes, pasta whipped together in the wilderness by Krissi. We’ll see if her hands can do more work than her mouth this time. In the other camp, Natasha’s crew has had a slow start, but they finally figure out that they can slow roast their pigeon and compliment it with rice and crisp vegetables. 

Surprisingly enough, both teams make cooking in the wild look rather easy. No one started any wildfires, no one attracted wild animals who in turn feasted on their meals and those cooking them. It all looks rather simple. That is, until Bri makes the enormous mistake in the last few minutes of plating. Whoopsie! She drops an entire plate of rabbit and pasta onto the ground. With absolutely no time to get upset, they reproportion the untouched plates, with bare hands, GROSS!, and take a sigh of relief when the bell sounds. 

The judges are impressed with both teams. I mean come on. They presented gourmet dishes without anything close to what true master chefs use in five star restaurants. Someone has to win, though. Keeping with the natural theme, the judges reveal who wins by a color coordinated smoke signal. 

Challenge Winner: Red Team

I personally wanted Bri to come out on top and shut Krissi’s barking up for once, but it’s just not in the cards.

Back in the MasterChef studio, Bri, Jordan, Jessie and Krissi stand before the judges, waiting their Pressure Test before elimination. As usual, someone will be safe from going home, but this time the winning team decides. Since Jordan, Jessie and Bri are all strong cooks, Krissi is chosen to join the winners up in the gallery. She lives to see another day.

Tonight’s Pressure Test is all about the chocolate eclair! The bottom three won’t just be making one, though. Oh no, no, no. They’ll be making SIX! Like chickens with their heads cut off, they run back and forth at their stations. 

Judging starts off pretty harshly with Bri. Her eclairs are uneven, flat, lacking filling and, most importantly, not fully cooked. Jordan brightens things up with the closest to perfect eclairs of the night. It’s obvious he’ll be safe. Jessie has her foot outside the door, as well, seeing as how her eclair filling doesn’t even reach the middles of the pastries! So after Jordan is sent upstairs, who do the judges send home?

Eliminated: Bri

“We’re going to miss you,” says Gordon, hugging Bri tightly. “I never thought I’d say that to a vegetarian.” As for Bri’s last words for Krissi, “Good luck, dude!” Yeah, she’ll need it.

Next week on MasterChef, the final seven contestants’ families make an appearance. Tune in to see dishes inspired by their loved ones and a tag-team challenge!

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