The Men Tell All has always been about exes returning to the spotlight to face the Bachelorette, hoping to get some form of closure. However, it may also be about the introduction of someone being possibly groomed to become the next Bachelor. While Chris, Drew and Brooks (or whoever Desiree Hartsock doesn’t choose in the end) will most likely be offered the coveted starring role, it’s hard not to consider Zak and Juan Pablo, two contenders that positively dominated this week’s Bachelorette episode. Read on to find out what host Chris Harrison, Bachelorette season 6 star Ali Fedotowsky and Desiree herself have to say about them.

Desiree Hartsock: “Seeing Zak W. was the highlight of my night. He lights up an entire room with his energy and smile, so I was hoping to see that come alive after an incredibly emotional goodbye. I adored his family and have always adored his outlook on life, but there was just something missing between us. It was difficult to face him, because we were both at a loss of words. The biggest surprise came when he pulled out his guitar and sang to me. It was such a beautiful song that expressed exactly how he felt about the goodbye and moving on. I love that he always has something new to share and can be vulnerable enough to express it. He is so deserving of love. I would love to see him have the opportunity to choose from 25 suitable women to find it. Who’s with me on that?”

Ali Fedotowsky: “Juan Pablo was called to the stage by Chris Harrison last night because he could possibly be someone they are considering for The Bachelor. He wasn’t a ‘huge’ character during the season, so why else would he be called up during the Men Tell All? I actually watched the show last night with Desiree, and she told me that he’s a a super sweet guy. She said that some people generalize him as this suave Latin guy, but he’s genuinely a good dude. His talk about family and his daughter had me on the verge of tears. If he isn’t the next Bachelor, I have a few girlfriends I’d love to set him up with.”

“Zak is a sweetheart,” Ali added. “You can tell he really cared for Desiree. But did he really write her a song?! I seriously died inside after that happened. It was a joke right? I’m choosing to believe it was a joke. In the past, people have tried to get noticed musically through this show (I’m talking to you, Wes!), I just think it was in poor taste. That said… damn! He’s not a bad singer. I’d sign him! But seriously…first he brought her to his family’s business for his hometown, and then sings a song? This is a little too much self-promotion for me. Sorry Zak, I like you, but dial it down a bit.”

Chris Harrison: “I loved sitting down with Juan Pablo and really introducing him to all of you. It’s true what I said about him, that nobody has ever been shown less but been talked about so much. Juan Pablo was a house favorite — he’s just one of those guys you can’t dislike. I got to know Juan Pablo as we bonded over our love of soccer. We had a blast knocking it around on the Española pitch in Barcelona. He has a zest for life that is just contagious. He’s obviously a family man first and foremost, as his daughter is everything to him.” 

Who do you want to see as the next Bachelor: Zak or Juan Pablo?

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Dean Bextor

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