The Big Brother 15 HGs still have an eviction to look forward to Thursday night, but inside the house all eyes are on the next HoH competition. They’ve been given something to practice, so keep reading for a preview of what to expect.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 15 spoilers.

The backyard has been equipped with a giant game to practice on, which will almost certainly be similar to the next HoH competition.

There’s a large ramp with obstacles on it, and the HGs must drop a ball down it onto a rotating carousel that contains several buckets. They are trying to get the ball into one of the moving buckets.

Obviously the actual HoH competition will be more elaborate (with some type of theme like Space Pinball or Medieval Plinko).

This is the first skill-based HoH competition of the season. The first two were endurance, the next two were mental, and now we can see who has the best hand-eye coordination skills. These types of competitions can always lead to some random winners, which makes it very exciting.

Kaitlin is practicing, although she doesn’t need to since she’s going to be evicted. She doesn’t know this yet, but the decision has already been made by those running the show. Judd, Jessie, Amanda, McCrae, Andy and Helen are all on board to send Kaitlin home, having struck a deal with Aaryn who is suddenly their new BFF.

This caused some drama with Elissa, but she may have been calmed down and will probably vote with the house by Thursday. Spencer, Howard and Candice want Aaryn gone and think Kaitlin is safe, but the plan is to tell them all what’s happening at the last minute on Thursday, so I’m guessing they’ll switch their votes to go along with the house and it will most likely be a unanimous vote.

The battle lines are drawn, and hopefully next week will FINALLY be the week something interesting happens. Spencer, Howard and Candice are on the outs and are eagerly plotting to nominate Amanda and McCrae. The power players (Andy, Helen, Amanda, McCrae, Judd and Jessie) want Howard and Spencer to go up so Howard gets evicted, and they’ve made a deal where Aaryn promises to do that too if she wins (though can you really trust her?).

The real wild cards are Elissa, who is desperate to get rid of Aaryn and might not be on board with going after Howard, and GinaMarie. GM could literally do anything, from nominating Howard and Candice to Amanda and McCrae to Helen and Elissa to Judd and Andy. No one would be safe from her insanity.

From an excitement perspective, a GinaMarie victory would be the craziest and screwiest thing ever, so that’s who I’m rooting for. Especially because I hope the producers are smart enough to put a picture of Nick in her HoH room. She would have a hilarious meltdown and probably start dry-humping the picture frame.

Who are you rooting for to win the skill-based week 5 HoH competition of Big Brother 15?

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