This episode of Big Brother 15 is basically a giant victory lap for the Exterminators. The alliance of Andy, Judd, Spencer and GinaMarie pulled off a rather extraordinary feat on Thursday’s live double eviction episode, blindsiding Amanda and framing Elissa for it so she would become McCrae’s target.

Here we get to see how that went down. It helped that Elissa was really bad at making her case, and that Andy had a ton of backup for his lies.

Double Eviction Rewind

After Amanda was evicted, Elissa asked McCrae if he voted her out. Andy then goes to work by yelling at Elissa for flipping, framing her in a major way.

When McCrae wins HoH, Andy works overtime, demanding that McCrae needs to trust him while throwing Elissa under the bus. Elissa just blankly begs “Please don’t vote me out.” This proves how bad she is at the game, because Andy is working hard and she’s just kind of meek and pathetic in her argument.

McCrae tells the diary room that he suspects Andy is the one who flipped because he can tell that he’s lying, but since the whole house wants Elissa gone, McCrae has to go along with them to avoid making waves. Man, Amanda really took the fire out of him.

Elissa just says “Please don’t vote me out” about a thousand times as her whole campaign strategy. It’s so ineffective and just kind of embarrassing. She claims she never lied and wasn’t’ a part of Judd being blindsided, which is a lie. Everyone was in on that, with the possible exception of Spencer.

Once the evictions are over, the Exterminators celebrate like they just won the Super Bowl. GinaMarie does a cartwheel and starts breakdancing. I know a lot of people don’t like them, but I do. These are a bunch of middling players, floaters who were never supposed to make it to the end. And they decided to team up to take out the big players, which is an incredibly brilliant strategy and something I don’t remember ever happening. Of course knowing how the rest of this week plays out, their celebration takes on a wonderfully ominous tone.

To put a nice cap on this night, Spencer tells Andy that he forgives him for voting him out in front of McCrae, furthering the lie that Andy didn’t flip.

The HoH Competition

It’s an old school video game theme, which brings up wonderful memories of Atari for me. Each round will have an image of a competition become un-pixelated. Once they figure out what it is, they must build a puzzle of the person who won it. The slowest time in each round is eliminated.

It’s only the four Exterminators playing, but they still want to win to ensure safety in case McCrae wins the Power of Veto.

Andy is out in the first round, probably because he was distracted by having to put together a picture of Jeremy’s beautiful face. Seriously, based on the way he described it, I think Andy has a bad case of Cherokee Fever.

Judd is out in the second round because he’s really bad at getting the hair right. He has a bit of a freak-out during the competition.

In the final round, it’s Spencer vs. GinaMarie. Spencer seems to dominate and wins his first HoH after 77 days in the house and seven nominations.

Prizes and Punishments

For winning HoH, Spencer gets to give out gifts to the other HGs, because the show needs to fill a lot of time in this hour.

GinaMarie and McCrae get the gift of “Friendship,” which means that they’re tied together with a friendship bracelet for 24 hours. He’s worried about this affecting his game, she’s worried about how to pee. It’s kind of awkward, but it means they get to do a joint diary room session, something McCrae never got to do with Amanda.

Andy gets the gift of “Wealth,” meaning he gets the chance to win up to $5,000. He has to break three piggy banks to get the cash. His first one is $85. The second one is $9. The last one is $0.83. So he winds up with $94.83.

Judd gets the gift of “Health,” meaning he must do exercises whenever a Drill Sergeant blows his whistle. After the way he almost died during the Baby Zingbot PoV competition, he could use it. It’s pretty hilarious, especially since he has to do them during dinner, when he’s sleeping, in the shower and in the diary room. He also has the shortest fuse, so it’s quite easy to make him angry.

Spencer gets his HoH room and we see a softer side of him with his girlfriend and without his beard. The best part is that, when Spencer is in the middle of his letter from his girlfriend, the Drill Sergeant orders Judd to do some jumping jacks.

McCrae in Game Mode

McCrae takes being attached to GM as a gift and makes a Final 2 with her. Wow, it’s weird to see McCrae actually trying to play the game since he just sat back and let Amanda do all the work beforehand.

McCrae is worried that the others might have a Final 4 deal, which is just more incentive for GM to get rid of him. McCrae is a strong competitor who hasn’t made any enemies and who gets major sympathy points for having to be with Amanda. Regardless of the fact that he’s not in the Exterminators, he is definitely the biggest threat to win the game.

The Nominations

In the world’s dumbest plan ever, GinaMarie and McCrae decide to talk to Spencer one at a time by sitting on either side of the HoH room door, since they’re tied together. I don’t understand why they’d even bother. McCrae is the target, and if he doesn’t win the Power of Veto, he goes home. The only real strategy is for GinaMarie to make sure she’s not the target if McCrae wins, but Spencer has already painted Judd as the shadiest Exterminator.

Spencer wants to make McCrae feel as safe as possible by promising him safety. Unfortunately the plan involves actually nominating McCrae, which is just idiotic. It would be much smarter to nominate Judd and GinaMarie, then if any of the Exterminators win, McCrae gets backdoored.

The nomination ceremony is interrupted by the Drill Sergeant ordering Judd to do squats. But then McCrae and GinaMarie are nominated. His speech is that McCrae violated his trust a lot and GM is a great competitor who nominated him twice.

In a clever moment, the two nominees, McCare and GM, give a joint diary room session about who’s going to fight harder for the Power of Veto. We’ll see that competition (with guest host Ian Terry) and the next eviction on Wednesday’s episode.

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