My favorite night of television all year long is the Emmy Awards. But a close second is the Big Brother live double eviction episode! An entire week’s worth of competition is crammed into a single hour and there’s so much scrambling, tension and excitement that my heart always stops. And after a season of ugly controversies, I need this.

Big Brother 15 has proven to be quite predictable leading up to now, but this is where it could change. Who will be evicted? Who will win? Who will have a nervous meltdown? And more importantly, will the twist finally be over?

BUT FIRST…this is my Big Brother 15 live blog!

Even though we have a double eviction and twists, we still get to see some of the past few days for the futile campaign to blindside Amanda.

Amanda claims it’s time to “play nice,” which means apologizing to Jessie for being a raging beeyotch to her. Jessie doesn’t really accept it, still saying that she thinks Amanda is the one who got her nominated. Amanda says she’ll support Jessie until the end, and Jessie doesn’t buy it.

We FINALLY get around to showing the Amanda, McCrae, Andy and Judd final 4 deal made two weeks ago. But now their Goof Troop (which they can’t say for copyright reasons) is falling apart because Amanda is more than 99 percent sure Judd is the MVP and doesn’t trust him anymore.

Candice and Jessie bond over the fact that Amanda is CLEARLY a bigger threat than Candice is to win the game. Jessie once again tries to sell this to Helen, but she won’t do it without all of her allies (meaning Andy) on board. They have Helen, Elissa and Jessie, but trying to sway Judd or Andy proves nearly impossible.

Andy doesn’t want to do it because he thinks it’s way too early to make a move against Amanda and he’s in an alliance with her. His refusal makes Helen back off, which causes Candice and Jessie to go after Helen for being weak. They object to Helen just wanting to go along with the house.

Julie and the HGs

Julie drops the bomb that there will be nine people in the jury. Everyone cheers, awkwardly. She then adds that it’s also a double eviction and that being in the jury doesn’t mean you’re out of the game. Ugh, they’re totally gonna do what Big Brother Canada did and let America vote a jury member back into the game at some point.

The Eviction

Candice’s speech attacks GinaMarie for calling her a rat and GM starts yelling back. It turns very ugly. Spencer lightens the mood. Amanda says nothing of value.

McCrae votes to evict…Candice
Aaryn votes to evict…Candice the Clown
Helen votes to evict…Candice (her boo)
Jessie votes to evict…Candice (unfortunately)
Elisa votes to evict…Candice (sadly, sadly and she doesn’t want to do it)
Andy votes to evict…the very feisty Candice
Judd votes to evict…Candice

Candice is evicted 7-0-0!

Julie Chen lets us know she can’t tell Candice anything about the outside world since she’s in the jury. GM opens the door to boot Candice as quickly as possible. GM gets the last word: “At least my mom likes me, not like yours.” Wow, that is awful.

Candice tells Julie that the game got really personal this week and is proud about speaking back to GM. She adds that she thinks Amanda’s tribe started at the beginning and they’re all protecting her.

Julie then hits on the racism issue and Candice says she just stands up for what she believes in and that racism is still prevalent in the real world and inside the house.

The HoH Competition

It’s a quiz about items and events from the season, with each answer being more or less. Get one wrong and you’re out.

Question 1: Elissa is out.
Question 2: Andy and Jessie are out.
Question 3: Everyone is right.
Question 4: Everyone but Aaryn loses.

Aaryn wins HoH!

Are you freaking kidding me? Aaryn the racist wins her THIRD HoH in the first seven competitions? Wow.

The Nominations

We listen in as everyone figures out what to do and Spencer is worried about being the pawn again. Aaryn just wants to avoid causing waves.

Julie then tells everyone that the MVP twist is officially over. Everyone cheers.

Aaryn nominates…Jessie and Spencer.

Man, this season is SO demoralizing. Everyone is just doing whatever the house wants and refuses to do anything that might make people upset.

The Power of Veto Competition

Aaryn, Spencer and Jessie are joined by Andy, Judd and Amanda to compete. Andy FINALLY gets to play for the Veto!

The HGs must retrieve six colored nails to complete a Veto puzzle with different sized nails. This is really five against one, because Jessie is gone if she doesn’t win.

Aaryn wins the Power of Veto!

Yawn. Goodbye Jessie. And welcome, Aaryn, to the elite group of HGs who have won four competitions in a single season.

Before the PoV ceremony, everyone already says their goodbyes to Jessie while the Goof Troop plots their next move now that their real targets are gone. But not so fast…

Aaryn USES the Power of Veto to save Jessie and then she nominates Judd! WOW! That’s a blindside, and not the good kind. I knew this was a possibility, because Amanda, McCrae and Andy have been plotting it because they think Judd is the MVP. They are going to feel like idiots when they realize he wasn’t.

The 2nd Eviction

Spencer seems confused and asks to be saved. Judd realizes that he got blindsided and says he’s been loyal to the same people since the start and not everything people say about him is true. This is the saddest speech ever.

Amanda votes to evict…Judd
McCrae votes to evict…Judd (sadly)
GinaMarie votes to evict…Judd
Andy votes to evict…Judd (very reluctantly)
Helen votes to evict…Judd
Elissa votes to evict…Judd (one of her best friends in this house)
Jessie votes to evict…Judd

Judd is evicted 7-0!

Judd runs quickly, then comes back to hug people. This is confounding, but I guess now I’m gonna root for Jessie to rally. I’m disgusted that people think this was a big game move, because it was just irrational and crazy.

Judd seems in good spirits about getting blindsided and he has no idea what happened and finally realizes that maybe he shouldn’t have trusted Amanda and McCrae so much. He then name-drops the Goof Troop, saying he was most loyal to Amanda, McCrae, Andy and lately Aaryn. In other words, the people who orchestrated his demise.

We don’t get the next HoH, but we hear Helen’s spin, calling Aaryn the new Janelle (Janelle and all of her fans take offense to that) and that everyone is now in a better position because Judd as a schemer.

I’m still reeling, like Judd. I suppose this could be good, so long as Amanda, McCrae or Andy follow him out the door so they can realize that turning on Judd was a mistake.

I’ll be back later tonight after the new HoH competition with the winner.

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