On Big Brother, making it to the jury is half the battle. And for the HGs of Big Brother 15, they’ve already made it.

'Big Brother 15' to Feature Nine-Person Jury

That’s right, CBS has tweeted what many in the house had actually predicted early on: This season will feature a nine-person jury. And since there are only 11 HGs left, that means everyone is already in.

Thursday will be a live double eviction episode of Big Brother 15, and that’s when the HGs will learn that the two who are evicted will both become members of the jury. It kind of make me hope Aaryn gets evicted second, if only because that would mean Aaryn and Candice would be sequestered in the jury house by themselves for an entire week. Talk about awkward.

This is certainly going to change some things. First of all, it means Candice, who is almost certainly going to be evicted, is going to be a member of the jury. That’s bound to upset quite a lot of people.

It could also impact what happens during the live double eviction. Fear of not making it to jury has seemingly forced everyone to tighten up their play in order to avoid making enemies. With that fear gone, will HGs finally step up and make big moves?

Starting in season 4, the seven-person jury system was introduced, with the HGs being sequestered and prevented from watching the episodes until the end of the season when they cast their votes. This was due to season 3, when all 10 evicted HGs got to vote as jury members and weren’t sequestered, resulting in Danielle Reyes losing because many HGs were angry with the way she acted in her private diary room sessions.

Between news that they have already made jury and a double eviction on Thursday, it’s going to be a very emotional night for everyone on Big Brother 15.

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