Only six home chefs left to fight their way to the MasterChef finale! Or is there?

Tonight, Joe, Gordon and Graham have each selected a former contestant to return to the MasterChef kitchen and compete for their white apron back. It won’t be an easy task, though. Eggs and salmon stand in their way.

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The Top 6 Home Chefs are bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and ready for another crazy day on the job, cooking like madmen in the MasterChef kitchen. Yet today will be different. Today, none of them will be cooking. Nope! James, Jordan, Jessie, Krissi, Lucca and Natasha all scurry up to the gallery and look down as each judge calls the name of an eliminated contestant and one by one they walk back through those enormous doors. 

Gordon has chosen Bri, Joe welcomes Lynn back and, surprisingly, Graham has given Bime another shot. “He’s like a cockroach that won’t die,” James says in regards to Bime. He has to be doing something right to keep popping back up.

The first test will involve all three returning chefs, but only two will survive for the next round. It’s all about eggs. They grab as many as they can from the pantry, which is stacked to the ceiling with eggs, and now have 15 minutes to perfect as many sunny side up eggs as possible. The heat is on and Lynn is obviously feeling it. He sticks a pan in the oven, thinking that would help his chances. Yeah, it doesn’t.

Lynn only presents eight perfect eggs, Bri manages 13 and Bime puts up nine. This means that Lynn is packing his bags … again! Bri and Bime move on to the second leg of the test.

Joe, the one unbiased judge, and the Top 6 will be the official judges, allowing one more competitor back in the ranks. Bri and Bime will go head to head over King Salmon. They have to do it all! Butcher it into nicely proportioned pieces, pan sear it, make a hollandaise sauce, grill some crispy asparagus and incorporate new potatoes. 

So 60 minutes on the clock to cook seven identical dishes. Piece of cake, right? I’ll admit, they both look more at ease than I would have thought. Both plates come out looking scrumptious by the time they’re done cooking. Now for the blind taste test. Bime has been given the color blue while Bri is red, but none of the judges know this. They taste the dishes and weigh in their likes and dislikes, yadda yadda, then they cast their votes.

Joe stands before Bri and Bime, announcing the tallies. One for Bime. One for Bri. One for Bime. One for Bri. You get the idea. Basically, it comes down to a tie, three and three. The fourth vote will determine who gets a second shot at becoming Masterchef. 

The other chefs wait in the dining room with Gordon and Graham, looking on as Joe enters in. He welcomes in the winning chef …

Returning: Bri

She’s back, Krissi! It’s obvious that Bri is one good cook and she’s determined to make others realize it.

Next week on MasterChef, things are back to normal, well sort of. Tune in as the Top 7 step way out of their comfort zones to catch their LIVE protein.

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Jilliane Johnson

Contributing Writer, BuddyTV