Sunday’s episode of Big Brother 15 was all about Amanda’s epic fight with Jessie. Despite the presence of racists and other horrible people this season, it’s Amanda’s demanding, bullying, aggressive, personal attacks that have become the Big Bad.

'Big Brother 15' Recap: Hell Hath No Fury Like an Amanda Scorned

In tonight’s episode, we get to see more of how terrible Amanda is. She’s the worst, because she somehow combines all of the bad traits of all the other women in the house into one obnoxious, loud package. Yet she still has the audacity to whine about other girls doing the same things she’s doing.

Nomination Fallout

Judd and Amanda laugh some more about GinaMarie’s idiotic “tattletale rat” and “flip-flopper” comments during the nomination ceremony. GM then tells Jessie she’s just a pawn, and then she summons Candice to the HoH room where GM apologizes for the harshness of her comments. GM is a total moron who thinks this conversation will smooth things over in case Candice stays, and the things she says about Candice are true of everyone.

The MVP Nominee

For the fourth week in a row, it’s time for the totally irrelevant MVP nominee who won’t actually get evicted. The best part is when Amanda refuses to believe America is the MVP because she doesn’t understand why America would put her up. She claims she’s a good player who’s been getting “all the mean people out of the house.” Insert America laughing at the irony.

As if to underscore exactly why America hates Amanda, Jessie walks into the HoH room and sits next to McCrae. Amanda is jealous and orders McCrae to sit next to her. He refuses and she leaves with a pouty face and whines later about how annoying McCrae is. At least McCrae realizes she’s starting to drag him down. Man, it’s funny how Jessie is the one being accused as the clingy, needy girl in the house, when in reality, it’s Amanda.

When Amanda is revealed as the MVP nominee, she lets out an exasperated groan. She’s confused, but McCrae thinks it makes perfect sense. Helen, Elissa and Amanda all suspect the MVP is Judd. Amanda then runs around and begs Judd and Spencer, who were also chosen to play in the PoV, to use it on her if they win.

When GM says she would use it to save Amanda, Aaryn is upset because she thinks she would then go up. She calls Amanda selfish, and I hate to agree with Aaryn, but she’s right. Aaryn did EVERYTHING Amanda wanted last week.

McCrae and Andy agree with Aaryn, which causes lots of fighting with Amanda. McCrae hits the nail on the head by saying that Amanda thinks everyone owes her something, but they don’t. Amanda hasn’t won anything or done anything. Amanda then claims McCrae is the dictator in their relationship, which is just absurd.

The Power of Veto Competition

The challenge involves tossing frogs into buckets to score points. Judd is happy because he really loves frogs. The lowest score at the end of each round is out and picks a prize. The next person out can steal a prize or take a new one.

Round 1: GinaMarie is out. She gets the Power of Veto.

Round 2: Amanda is out. She gets a Doggy Cone of Shame she must wear for 48 hours. She trades it to GM for the Power of Veto.

Round 3: Candice is out. She gets a week-long Bahamas vacation. She trades it to Amanda for the Power of Veto.

We Interrupt This Veto for a Special Fight

During the third round, we get into some true nastiness. Candice tells Judd about how Amanda thinks Judd is the MVP. Amanda then yells at her for being sneaky and trying to throw her under the bus, denying it even though she totally said it with Candice, Helen and Elissa all in the room.

Amanda tells Candice to “Shut your big, fat mouth,” then calls her Shanequa and jokingly says “Now I’m a racist.” It’s capped off with this gem: “No wonder people made fun of you in school, cuz you’re a fool.”

Andy tells Amanda to stop it and Elissa says she took it 100 times too far. Oh, and we didn’t even get to see the part where Amanda made comments about Howard’s genitals (yup, it got THAT ugly).

Back to the Power of Veto

Round 4: Spencer is out. He gets 50 Shades of Orange, meaning he’ll get a spray tan for 48 hours. He trades it to Amanda for the Bahamas vacation.

Round 5: Jessie is out. She gets $5,000. She trades it to Candice for the Power of Veto.

Round 6: Judd is the winner, but he makes a deal to let Jessie win the Power of Veto. He gets a Clowni-tard he must wear for a week. He trades it to Candice for the $5,000.

So to sum it all up, Jessie got the PoV, Judd got $5,000, Spencer got the Bahamas vacation, GinaMarie got the Cone of Shame, Amanda got 50 Shades of Orange and Candice got the Clowni-tard.

Punishment Time

After the fight, McCrae yells at Amanda for yelling instead of shutting up. He says she was being a bully, and she doesn’t believe it or understand it. He lays into her for being an idiot and she starts to cry.

Candice takes the Clowni-tard quite well and laughs about it with Elissa. Aaryn sees this and is terrified. Basically, anyone who is even the slightest bit nice to Candice is an enemy.

Candice is very upbeat about the Clowni-tard, which earns her some respect. Amanda gets spray tanned, which turns her very, very ORANGE. Like, burnt Cheeto orange. And GM loves her doggy Cone of Shame because, well, she’s clueless.

The Replacement Nominee

Helen talks to GM about the replacement nominee. GM mentions Elissa, and Helen doesn’t want that to happen because of their Mom Squad. Helen disgusts me by talking about how much she loves GM and how she’s one of the people she trusts the most in the house. There are only two possibilities. First, Helen genuinely trusts GM, which makes her as dumb as GM.

The second is that Helen is one of those pathetic floaters who just sucks up to the HoH every week and acts like she loves them the most. That’s probably the truth, and it’s why I’m really losing any and all respect for Helen this week. She’s playing such a weak, passive game. She’s like a combination of Adam and Shelly from season 13.

During the Power of Veto ceremony, Jessie is wearing Judd’s bear shirt. She saves herself and GM nominates Spencer, which is the weakest move anyone could’ve made.

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