On Big Brother 15, an actual blindside at the nomination ceremony is very hard to pull off. There’s so much down time and so much talking that, every single week, everyone seems to know exactly who is going to be on the block.

All of that changes this week as GM, with the help of Elissa and the Exterminators, pulls off a truly excellent blind side. The fact that it’s pulled on Amanda and McCrae is the icing on the cake to make this the best episode of the season.

The HoH Competition

The competition involves hopping and collecting a dozen eggs. McCrae and Amanda need to win to protect themselves, but they think Andy is still with them. Little do they know he’s eager to turn on them and side with the Exterminators (Andy, Judd, Spencer and GinaMarie).

As Amanda complains about how hard it is and McCrae’s hair gets in his way, Andy and GM dominate this game. In the end, GM wins her second HoH, while Judd and Spencer wind up in last place, meaning they have to wear chicken suits for 48 hours.

Amanda’s Campaign

As soon as GM wins, Elissa starts celebrating with her, and Amanda wastes no time unleashing her fury. She says Elissa has no reason to cheer since she just got GM’s best friend out of the house, and Amanda tells GM that now she can get revenge on Elissa. I believe Amanda just set a record for fastest campaigning in the history of the game.

Amanda then goes to work trying to push her will onto GM about how GM needs to put up Elissa for Aaryn. But in a great diary room session, GM says she might be blonde and cute, but she’s not gonna be Amanda’s puppet like Aaryn was. Oh snap, she just zinged the crap out of Aaryn.

McCranda are confident that Elissa and maybe Judd or Spencer will be the nominees, but everyone else knows otherwise. Andy and Judd promise GM that the Exterminators will have her back and Spencer is playing dumb.

The entire episode consists of Amanda telling GM that she needs to nominate Elissa and Judd, GM saying yes, then making fun of


Spencer and Judd get their chicken suits, and it’s quite entertaining. Spencer takes it like a champion, but Judd is clearly upset. GM calls Judd a “Chicken Nugget,” but the best pun comes from Judd, who says he’s serving up some beer-battered chicken, then cracks open a frosty beer.

GM’s HoH Room

GM gets another picture of Nick that makes her positively orgasmic. In the room, Elissa is overly complimentary and talks about how much she misses Aaryn. Amanda thinks Elissa is just trying to push her buttons. I’m not sure. Sometimes I think Elissa is genuinely that oblivious, but other times (like when she says Jessie was the hottest girl in the house), I believe Elissa really is pushing Amanda’s buttons on purpose.

Amanda vs. Elissa

We get yet another fight as Amanda calls out Elissa for being a snob who thinks she’s better than everyone else. To be fair, Elissa is kind of pompous on the live feeds, talking about how her husband bought a 5,000-seat hockey rink. Amanda says everyone hates Elissa and she’s going to be nominated, but Elissa just laughs in her face as always. The fight makes Andy and Spencer very uncomfortable and they walk away.

McCrae tells Amanda to be the bigger person and play the victim so it looks like Elissa is the bully. This is the greatest acting challenge of all-time, because Amanda is physically incapable of NOT attacking Elissa. Amanda cries a whole lot, but no one believes her.

Amanda complains about how Elissa has a God Complex and always thinks she’s right, never admitting that she’s wrong. This is some classic “pot calling the kettle black” stuff. We then get this exchange, which accurately expresses how everyone feels about Amanda playing the victim:

Amanda: “I feel like I’m in high school again.”
Spencer: “Were you a mega-bitch in high school?”

In Amanda’s defense, there are two sides to this debate. Elissa isn’t perfect and she can be annoying at times, but Amanda’s reaction wildly out of proportion.

Luxury Competition

The entire house is filled with balloons. The HGs must pop them to find three chips, marked with a 1, a 0 and a “K” in order to win $10,000 (or 10K).

It looks like a ton of fun. Nearly everyone is lost, but Spencer seems to find the three chips quickly and wins $10,000.


GM knows exactly what she’s going to do, but she pretends to talk to people to throw McCranda off the scent. Amanda comes up to explain that the main goal of an HoH is to make sure no one is coming after them in the next week. No, girl. The goal at this point is to get rid of a big threat.

Amanda pitches a Final 4 deal with McCrae, Andy and GM. In other words, she wants GM to fill the slot left by Judd and Aaryn in the past. Amanda leaves the room feeling 100 percent confident that GM is going to nominate Elissa and Judd. Meanwhile, the other five people in the house all know otherwise, and they’re all looking forward to this epic blind side.

The Blind Side

I imagine watching this nomination ceremony for me is a lot like how GM felt when she saw that photo of Nick in her HoH room.

Amanda’s diary room beforehand is priceless. “I feel safe. And happy. And glorious. And triumphant.” You can tell the editors of the show are savoring each and every second of this.

At the ceremony, Andy gets the first key and Spencer gets the second. Then Spencer pulls Elissa’s key out of the box and the look on Amanda’s face is more delicious than my grandma’s Swedish meatballs (aka the world’s most perfect food).

Amanda and McCrae are nominated, and then we get GM’s attempt at a speech. She struggles to say the word “dynamic” about three times, and even after Judd helps her out, she still skips over and settles on calling McCranda a “power couple.” She adds that McCrae lost his focus and fire because of Amanda, which is accurate, but GM’s inability to speak kind of detracts from the awesomeness of this moment.

In the final diary room sessions, Amanda complains about how she’s doesn’t understand and she’s upset that someone as dumb as GM is gonna be responsible for getting her out. McCrae cries about being separated from his girlfriend like the p-whipped bitch that he is. Seriously, McCrae is making me ashamed of my entire gender.

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