For the second week in a row, the Big Brother 15 HoH competition did not end on the live show. Following Aaryn’s eviction, the six HGs began a new challenge to win power.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 15 spoilers.

The HGs have their feet tied together and must hop to a cage and work an egg through a maze before pulling it out. The first person with 12 eggs in their basket wins.

In addition, whoever has the fewest eggs at the end will have to wear a chicken suit for 48 hours.

With Andy, Judd, Spencer, GinaMarie, Amanda and McCrae competing, the pressure is on. If McCranda wins, Elissa could be in trouble. But if anyone else wins, McCranda will most likely go on the block.

Fun Fact: This is the fifth time an HoH competition was not completed during the live eviction episode out of nine times.

I’ll offer live updates when the feeds return to track the competition. All times are Big Brother 15 local time, aka PST.

7pm: When the live episode ended, Andy and GM were both at two eggs while the others were all at one.

7:15pm: Still no live feeds. Maybe they won’t come back until the competition is over, because this probably won’t take that long.

7:30pm: Still no feeds. Boo, CBS.

7:35pm: GinaMarie is the new HoH!

Also, Judd and Spencer were tied for the fewest eggs, so they will BOTH be wearing chicken suits for 48 hours. I’m already picturing Spencer as Foghorn Leghorn.

So the live feeds didn’t come back until the competition was over, but GM has now won her second HoH! And, of course, Amanda is already trying to get her to target Elissa. Sorry, Amanda, but that dog won’t hunt. McCranda is gonna be nominated, and it’s gonna be, to use Amanda’s favorite word, glorious.

Since the live feeds returned, Amanda hasn’t let GM out of her sights, and is pushing very hard, saying that everyone hates Elissa and everyone wants her to be nominated. It’s almost sad now, because Amanda’s magic has worn off. GM KNOWS that most of the house does not want this. She knows that Elissa, Andy, Judd and Spencer all want McCranda on the block. This is going to be entertaining, especially since the people winning the last two HoHs are probably the people Amanda respects the least.

Amanda then promised McCrae that she will be GM’s best friend this week and make sure that Elissa gets nominated. Of course while this was happening, the Exterminators were jumping up and down and celebrating. GM told them that Amanda thinks Elissa is the target, and that they’d better have her back next week.

This certainly solidifies the domination of women this season as its the eighth time a woman has won HoH (with only three men). That means, no matter how the rest of the season plays out, women will have more HoH wins than men. This has only happened two other times in the history of the game: season 6, when Maggie beat Ivette and the end and the Top 4 were all girls) and season 13, when Rachel beat Porsche (and the Top 6 featured five women and Adam).

The amazing part is that now, for the first time all season, there are actually more men in the house than women. So while girls have dominated the competitions (they also have a 6 to 4 lead in PoV wins), it could still be an all-male finale.

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